Shanghai Transport

Shanghai Highways

Being a big province, Shanghai has 14 surface and elevated expressways, 8 national expressways, and 9 provincial expressways.

National Expressways

National expressways in Shanghai all contain the G prefix, which translates to Guodao or National Road. G2 is the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, G42 is the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, G15 is the Shenyang-Haikou Expressway, G40 is the Shanghai-Xi’an Expressway, G50 is the Shanghai-Chonqing Expressway, G60 is the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, G92 is the Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway, and G1501 is the Shanghai Ring Expressway.

City Expressways

Most of these highways are located in the inner districts of the province. They are the Inner Ring Road, Yan’an Elevated Road, South-North Elevated road, Yixian Elevated Road, Middle Ring Road, Humin Elevated Road, Jiamin Elevated Road, Huaxia Elevated Road, Beidi Elevated Road, Songze Elevated Road, Jianhong Elevated Road, Hongdi Elevated Road, Hongyu Elevated Road, and Caobao Elevated Road.

Provincial Expressways

The provincial expressways are counted starting at the Yingbin Expressway, and going circular around the district in a clockwise manner. S1 is the Yingbing Expressway, S2 is the Shanghai-Luhugang Expressway, S3 is the Shanghai-Fengxian Expressway, S4 is the Shanghai-Jinshan Expressway, S5 is the Shanghai-Jiading Expressway, S7 is the Second Phase Yanjiang Expressway, S19 is the Xinnong-Jinshanwei Expressway, S20 is the Outer Ring Expressway, S26 is the Shanghai-Changzhou Expressway, S32 is the Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou Expressway, and S36 is the Tinglin-Fengjing Expressway.

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