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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is 468-meter high, located in Pudong New District of Shanghai. Completed in 1994, it is one of the iconic cultural landscapes of Shanghai and one of the “Top Ten New Landscapes of Shanghai”.

The Oriental Pearl Towers are of different sizes and scattered spheres. From the blue sky to the grassy lawn, they depict a dream picture of “The Big Pearl Beads Dropping the Jade Plate”(citing from a poem of the Tang Dynasty). You can see the whole tower on the Bund.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Basic Information

  • Best season: All seasons
  • Opening Time: 08:00- 21:30
  • Best time: A sunny day or clear night
  • Suggested play time: 2-3 hours
  • Chinese name: 东方明珠塔 (Dongfang Mingzhu Ta)
  • Location: No.1 Century Avenue, Lujiazui Financial Trade Zone
  • Attraction type: Modern architecture

What’s Inside the Tower

  • 351m (1,152ft): Space Capsule Sightseeing Floor
  • 267m (876ft): Revolving Restaurant
  • 263m (863ft): Main Sightseeing Floor
  • 259m (850ft): Glass Floor
  • 90m & 98m (295ft & 322ft): Game City including an indoor roller coaster
  • 78m (256ft): Dynamic Ring Multimedia Show
  • The Shanghai History Museum

Best Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

The Shanghai History Museum - Enjoy Traditional Culture

The museum has 6 exhibition halls, the Scenery of the Chengxiang, Sketch of the Port-opening, Foreign Settlement, Old Footsteps at Sea, the Construction Exhibition and Automobile Exhibition, including 81 scenic spots, which reflect the development of Shanghai.

There are hundreds of precious historical relics and scaled-down gorgeous buildings, 117 life-size wax figures and thousands of small wax figures and clay figures and many kinds of other things that witnessed the great changes of Shanghai.

259M Transparent Observatory- the only 360-degree transparent observatory in the world

The 259M Transparent Observatory, the only 360-degree transparent observatory in the world, is made of tempered glass, 150 meters long and 2.1 meters wide. You can overlook the city here. And you will have different visual experience.

263M Sightseeing Floor - Overlook the City

The 263 Sightseeing Floor is the main sightseeing layer. You stand high and you can get a bird’s-eye view of the city there. It is one of the best places to appreciate beautiful scenery of the city. You will see architectures of different styles on the Bund and cruises on Huangpu River.

351M Space Capsule Sightseeing Floor - Explore Universal Beauty

The 351M Space Capsule Sightseeing Floor is the highest sightseeing layer. With a diameter of 16 meters, the space capsule presents the science-fiction charm of the space scene in a futuristic style.

You can explore universal beauty, such as constellation at here. If you are the astronomy enthusiast, then you cannot miss the Space Capsule Sightseeing Floor.

Other Highlights in the Tower

78M Dynamic Ring Multimedia Show

It has a true 240-degree surround screen and ground screen to create majestic visual effect to produce the city life in the next 70 years. It attracts many people who are interested in science and the life in the future. Can you imagine the life in next 70 years? Please come here to see whether it is same with your expectation.

As a new scenic spot in Oriental Tower, Dynamic Ring Multimedia Show of Future Shanghai is not only a supplement to the future development of Shanghai but also a platform to showcase Shanghai and lead the city’s development and innovation.

90M & 98M Game City and Special VR Roller Coaster

There is a 90M Game City in the Oriental Pearl Tower. There are all kinds of games you have seen and you even have not heard. If you like playing games, you can come to have a try. It will not make you disappointed. Anyway it is so high that it must give you some different feelings when you enjoy the games.

With the slogan “Scream together to fly together and pass through Lujiazui”, it is the first and Shanghai’s highest indoor VR Roller Coaster. It breaks through the limitations of traditional roller coaster in vision and sense, and opens up a more exciting, more shocking and more interesting new era of VR intercity high-altitude adventure.

Fun Things to Know

There is a 267M Aerial Revolving Restaurant, the highest revolving restaurant in Asia. The spacious spherical glass window offers unobstructed views of the river, overlooking from the 267 meters high. Here, you will experience Shanghai's highest-end dining culture and could taste delicious food from around the world.

There is also an interesting place, Flower Bar. There are all kinds of flowers with clean air, making you get rid of the nervous feeling from work. It is like an oasis in the reinforced concrete city and it provides a relaxing place for urban rushers to stop to have a rest.

The Best Locations to See the Tower

Take a Cruise on Huangpu River

There are three cruises you can take to travel. The tour time is 45 minutes. The sailing time is 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 12:00 a.m., 14:00 p.m., 15:00 p.m., 16:00 p.m., 19:00 p.m. and 20:00 p.m. And 17:00 p.m. and 21:00 p.m. are available only in peak season.

The Bund

The Bund is on the other side of Huangpu River. It is the suitable place to watch the Oriental Tower. And there are many old buildings in different styles of different countries. You can see the development of Shanghai comparing the old buildings and the modern Oriental Pearl Tower.

Pudong Park

The park is near the Oriental Tower. You can watch the Oriental Pearl Tower clearly. And the park is quiet and comfortable. You can have a cup of tea or coffee, relaxing on a bench with your families and friends to watch the Oriental Pearl Tower. It is also the best place to enjoy your weekends.

Pearl of the Orient Tower

Where to Eat

267 M Revolving Restaurant

At night, the brightly-lit city is full of stars and sparkling neon lights, depicting the unparalleled scenery of the Huangpu River. You can enjoy Shanghai’s high-end catering and taste delicious food from around the world. Its business area is 1,500 square meters, which can accommodate 350 guests at the same time.It stands proudly in Shanghai with its unique landscape advantages, extraordinary food culture, and warm service. You can appreciate the beautiful scene of the city beside through the windows with delicious foods. How comfortable!

  • Serving: Western and Chinese Buffet
  • Recommended dishes: lobster, salmon and small cake
  • Tel:021-58797138, 021-58828886
  • Opening hours:Lunch 11:00-14:00; Dinner 17:00-21:00
  • Price:
Restaurant Content Price(per person) in RMB
Revolving Restaurant

Buffet + 263M Sightseeing Floor + 78M Multimedia Show + Museum



Coca-Cola Happiness Restaurant

Coca-Cola Happiness Restaurant is one of the O2O interactive theme restaurants with the new business concept which is with multiple interactive experience environments, like interactive equipment and flash videos, giving you amazing feeling.

No.8 Old Shanghai Restaurant

No.8 Old Shanghai Restaurant, located near the 8th entrance of the Oriental Pearl, hiding in the Pudong park. Although in the downtown, it is so quiet and elegant that taking us back to the old Shanghai in its 1920s.

Coca-Cola Minipark

There is a variety of Coca-Cola classics, decorations and decorations in Coca-Cola Minipark, for example, the Coca-Cola manned motorcycles with an era significance and Coca-Cola classic bottles and cans for various generations. When you step into it, you feel like you are in the world of Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola polar bear is setting in front of the door and welcoming every tourist visiting the Pearl of the Orient to take a break in the bar. All the tourists could seat there and joyfully feel the history and the fashion of Coca-Cola.

Shanghai Café

Elegant and quiet are the most appropriate adjectives to describe the Shanghai Café that located in the Oriental Pearl. Placing yourself in this small bungalow, which is decorated with simple lines and European-styled walls, you could only be attracted with the mystery of traditional café in Shanghai.

HEY! Do you want to stay away from worldly pressure? Come and stay here with a beautiful mind!

Flower Bar

The Flower Bar, located beside the 2nd door of the Oriental Pearl, is a quiet and heart-filled back garden in the bustling Lujiazui business district. It likes a paradise yard in the concrete city, giving urban workers who are incessantly on the go a tranquil harbor for a short break.

Chocoholic & Red Wine

The special chocolate bar located at the exit of the Oriental Pearl is undoubtedly the quietest place to rest. There are a few chic round tables and chairs stand in the room, and the air is filled with the unique sweet taste of chocolate bars.

In addition to fine chocolates, you could also bring a specially customized red wine to the Oriental Pearl and share the sweet moments in the Oriental Pearl with family and friends. It's a great place to enjoy the chocolate and the red wine while talking about life!

Iceason Global Flagship Store

This is a magical ice cream shop that brings together the most distinctive ice creams from more than 100 countries or regions. It can also be regarded as the only ice cream shop in China or even in the world that can provide the most tastes of ice creams.

There are 14 kinds of chocolate ice creams, 18 types of yogurt ice creams, 18 types of fruit ice creams, 18 kinds of western pastry ice creams, 4 types of vanilla ice creams, and some alien ice creams. Isn’t it very exciting?

Starbucks Coffee

Different from other Starbucks in “Modu” which means the “modern city”, it is a transparent glass house on the Oriental Pearl square. During the day, the warm sunshine is filled with every corner, while at night it becomes a sparkling glass box.

The aroma of coffee beans and the fragrance of fresh cakes can attract you throughout the day. The most special thing is that this glass cottage also comes with a uniquely designed back garden. In the center of the Lujiazui Financial City, this elegant and quiet place is truly rare.

Where to Buy

OPT Souvenir

Tourist souvenirs are a unique memory of time and space. These souvenirs may be displayed on the desk, swaggered around the neck, stayed between the lips and teeth, or sent to relatives and friends.

In order to let people have a deeper impression on Shanghai and the Oriental Pearl, a series of fashion souvenirs can be customized for different people according to the elements which are based on the Old Shanghai and the New Shanghai.

Old Shanghai Street

In the Oriental Pearl Zero Meter Hall, there is an “Old Shanghai-style Street”, which is a good place to find Shanghai souvenirs after visiting the Oriental Pearl. You can find a variety of souvenirs featuring old Shanghai culture and the special foods of Shanghai can be selected.

Every brick and every tile is full of Shanghai style. The miniature of Shikumen on the head of the Shanghai Story shop is like a reflection of the history of old Shanghai taking us back to the past.

Tower Time

In 2018, as the star shinning, the new timing machine, the TOWER TIME, came out. The inspiration stems from the Oriental Pearl.

Like the Oriental Pearl on the east bank, inspired by the intricate designs, the TOWER TIME watch helps us to feel the mystery of time and life. With the cycle of time, the cultural heritage and the Oriental taste, the TOWER TIME makes your every second joyful.

Pearl Life Aesthetics Museum

The "Pearl Life Aesthetics Museum" is located at Gate 8 of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, adjacent to the lively Financial City. It covers the area of 450 square meters, including two open-air gardens in the front hall and the backyard.

The interior design of the aesthetics hall was together completed by the Oriental Pearl Tower studio and the MI+C Studio. Except for sharing beautiful and comfortable interior designs, the Aesthetics Museum also introduces Library and Tea &

Café for the first time.

More than 10,000 books are selected together with the Dayin Book Mall. And it opens up another leisure area, selling a wide variety of coffee, tea and desserts.

If there is fancy furniture or a book that attracts you, you can book an order directly. The shopkeepers will arrange logistics, and they can easily send their things to your home. You can only enjoy an one-stop shopping experience.

Shuter Life Shop

The only Shuter Life Shop in Shanghai is in the Oriental Pearl Zero Meter Hall. The simplest design and industrial style make the shop refreshing yet warm. In addition, everything is practical and fun, but not expensive. You can improve your life quality to buy things there, without paying much. Take care of your life, because someone always concerns about you.

Mumuso Store

There is a wide range of products in the store, like daily-use make-up products, eating and drinking things that are readily available. As the world's leading light-lifestyle products brand, we always adhere to the “fashion, purity, and natural” life philosophy and provide customers with excellent products.

To learn about Shanghai, start with the Oriental Pearl; to live well, start with MUMUSO.

World’s VIPs Visit the Tower

  • The Australian Speaker Tony Smith visits the Oriental Pearl Tower.
  • Esteban Lazo Hernández, the chairman of Conference of National People’s Political Rights, visits the Tower.
  • The chairman of the Hungarian Parliament, Gavi Laszlo, visits the Oriental Pearl Tower.
  • The speaker of the Zambian National Assembly, Matibini, visits the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
  • The president of Myanmar, Htin Kyaw, visits Oriental Pearl Tower.

The Features and Differences of the Three Iconic Buildings

The Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center

Names of Towers Recommended Reasons Shortcomings Height Time of Visit
Oriental Pearl Tower

1. You can visit Shanghai History Museum in the tower;
2. The icon of Shanghai;
3. Aerial panorama;
4. Transparent observation deck;
5. Satisfying guide service.

1. Too many guests;
2. Not the highest building in Shanghai;
3. Long queue time, over 30 minutes

468m 2 hours
Shanghai Tower

1. The tallest building in Shanghai and the second in the world;
2. Aerial panorama;
3. You can overlook Shanghai World Financial Center and the Oriental Pearl Tower here;
4. The fastest elevator: 18m/s, arriving the top within 35s.
5. Queue time within 20 minutes.

1. The highest floor is not yet open. (But the open floor is higher than Shanghai World Financial Center.);
2. Insufficient guide service.

632m 1 hour
Shanghai World Financial Center

1. Queue time is short;
2. There is a small place to view the ground landscape on 100th floor.

1. The title of the highest building in Shanghai has lost to Shanghai Tower;
2. No panorama.

492m 1 hour

Annually Activities

Clime the Tower on New Year’s Day

The activity, climing the Oriental Pearl Tower on New Year’s Day starts from 1996. The activity, symbolizing making progress everyday in the new year has become the traditional fitness program on New Year’s Day in Shanghai.

Earth Hour

Since 2009, the Oriental Pearl Tower has joined Earth Hour to respond the call for energy saving and emission reduction from World Wildlife Fund.

Charitable Activity

In every March 8th, the Oriental Pearl Tower is lit in pink to call for the society to care for women.

In every April 2nd, the Oriental Pearl Tower is lit in blue to call for the society to care for autistic.

Cultural Activity

The Oriental Pearl Tower sets up a cultural gallery in a lobby, four-meter wide and often holds various of exhibitions of painting, calligraphy and photography. Such as, Oriental Feather—Photography Exhibition of Wild Bird, Photo Exhibition of Protecting Tibetan Antelope in Hoh Xil and Shanghai Children’s Thematic Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in a 100-meter-long Scroll.

Travel Essentials


Ticket Content Price (per person) in RMB
Sightseeing 351M Space Capsule + 263M Sightseeing Floor + 259M Sky Walking + 78M Multimedia Show + Museum ¥220 A Ticket
263M Sightseeing Floor + 259M Sky Walking + 78M Multimedia Show + Museum ¥190 E Ticket
263M Sightseeing Floor + 259M Sky Walking + Museum ¥160 B Ticket
Sigle Ticket Landmark Paradise ¥120
Package 263M Sightseeing Floor + 259M Sky Walking + 78M Multimedia Show + Museum + Huangpu River Cruise ¥260 (Sightseeing + Cruise)
Touring Museum ¥35 D Ticket
Cruise 45 minutes ¥160 for Luxury Class, ¥130 for First Class


Stations and Airports By Metro Time
Shanghai Railway Station Subway Line 1 to [Shiji Ave] and then Transfer to Metro Line 2, [Lujiazui] exit 2 37 minutes
Hongqiao Railway Station Metro Line 2 to [Lujiazui] exit 2 48 minutes
Hongqiao Airport Metro Line 2 [Hongqiao Terminal 2] to [Lujijiazui] exit 2 47 minutes
Pudong International Airport Metro Line 2 to [Lujijiazui] Exit2 Approximately 1 hour and 6 minutes


  • Recommend to go at sunny days or clear nights.
  • When the night falls, the tower lights up. You can see the big Shanghai slowly into the darkness, and the city lights up. It’s a good time to stand on the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to look at the views of the Pujiang River, Pujiang Shuangqiao.
  • When visiting the Oriental Pearl, the haze and rainy weather will affect the beautiful city view. Therefore, you should pay attention to choose a sunny day.

Nearby Attractions

The Bund

The Bund is located in Huangpu Distract, beside Huangpu River. This zone was designated as the British concession in 1844 and becomes a true portrayal of foreign settlement. It is the financial center of old Shanghai and it is the starting point for the modern city. There are 52 classic buildings of different styles, which has been regarded as the symbol of architecture and history of Shanghai.

Huangpu River

Huangpu River is the landmark river of Shanghai. It flows through urban area, dividing Shanghai into two parts, Puxi and Pudong. The essence of Shanghai’s urban landscape is located on both sides of the river. On the west side of the river, there are buildings of different styles of many countries. And on the east side of the river are the modern buildings that rise above clouds.

Recommended Oriental Pearl Tower Itinerary

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Shanghai and Suzhou Highlights

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Pearl of the Orient Tower is located at No.1 Century Blvd, Pudong Park, in the financial district of Lujiazui, just across the Huangpu River from the Bund.

How to Get There?

Take metro line 2 or bus to Lujiazui (陆家嘴) Station.

Ticket Price:

Ticket Price: 220 yuan for A-ticket; 160 yuan for B-ticket; 35 yuan for D-ticket; 190 yuan for E-ticket.

Opening Hours:

8AM-10PM, daily.

More Tips:

Remember to swallow frequently on the elevator ride up!

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