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Shangrao Travel Guide

Situated in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, and facing several developed provinces, Shangrao has a gifted location for economic and transportation.

Shangrao gained its name by its rich local products and abundant natural source. In this area, there is much beautiful scenery. Tourists could find the prettiest countryside in China and the peerless mountain peaks in the south of the Yangtze River.

Post code: 334000

District number: 0793

Shangrao Travel Ideas

Shangrao Shangrao

History Shangrao has a long history dated back to more 1,700 years ago. The historic site of ancient people’s living places proves that it is more than 10,000 years ago that our ancestors had been lived there. So a lot of historic remains could be found in this city.

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Shangrao Shangrao

Weather Located in the sub humid climate zone, it gets abundant sunshine. Its average annual temperature is 16.7~18.2 degrees Celsius, and its annual rainfall is 1600~1800 millimeter.

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