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Shanxi Transport

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Shanxi has made great strides in transport and communications. Now it has basically established a solid traffic network of crisscrossing and radiating railways, highways and airlines. The Shanxi railway takes the north and south Tong-Pu railway lines and the Shi-Tai railway line as the trunk and develops into a railway transport network covering nine major railway lines of Shi-Tai, Jing-Yuan, Jing-Bao, Tai-Jiao, Han-Chang, Hou-Yue, Da-Qin, and north and south Tong-Pu as well as three main branch lines and more than four hundred special lines, which are connected respectively with the national railway main arteries of Jing-Bao Line, Jing-Guang Line and Long-Hai Line and lead to all the large cities of China and seashore wharfs such as Qinhuangdao, Tianjin and Shijiusuo. The highways of Shanxi Province center on the provincial capital Taiyuan and take the national highways and provincial main stems as framework, linking all the parts of the province and connecting Shanxi to the places outside the province. The Da (Datong)-Yun (Yuncheng) highway running from north to south is a main stem for the material circulation of the whole province. The newly opened Taiyuan-Jiuguan Highway is connected with the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Highway and incorporated into the network system of Jing-Jin-Tang and Jin-Shen highways.  

Airports in Shanxi

Shanxi also has rapid development in civil aviation and air transportation. The provincial capital Taiyuan has got forty one airlines to and fro more than thirty large cities in the country. In 1993, Taiyuan Airport was opened to traffic and became a national first class airport with the approval of the State Department. In August, 17th of the same year, it opened direct charter flights to Hong Kong.

Railway in Shanxi

Datong-Qinghuangdao Railway Line, the first special coal transportation railway on which heavy haul unit trains run, as well as the newly built Houma-Yueshan Railway Line has become a new main artery for transporting coal out of Shanxi Province. Shanxi has 194 kilometers of railway lines with the Tong-Pu railway line running from north to south and connecting the two ends of Shanxi and Houxi and Houyue railway lines running from east to west as the second European-Asian continental bridge in our country.

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