Hou Mountain Scenic Spot

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Hou Mountain also called Dog Mountain, was named after the historical fact that during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, Gou Jian, Emperor of Yue Kingdom, raised dogs to hunt white deer to proffer to Emperor of Wu Kingdom. Since "dog" pronounces like "Hou" in the dialect of Shaoxing and it is indelicate to pronounce "dog" directly.

Its major sights include Yanluo Cave, Shengshui (means remained water) Cave, Cloud Rock and Chessboard Rock etc; its buildings consist of the Museum of Yue Culture, Sightseeing Pavilion and Shouning Temple etc, among which Cloud Rock and Chessboard Rock are the symbolic sights in Hou Mountain. They stands at the most highest place of the mountain. Being looked up, Cloud Rock is thick at the top while sin at the end, like a headstand wimble, on the top of which laying a tumbledown huge rock in shape of a flying disk, stopping viewers. Besides the Cloud Rock is the Chessboard Rock, where, according to the legend, Ge Hong played chess with another god. At the slope above the Cloud Rock, there is a natural sightseeing stage, where people built a Jinlan (means viewing everything) Pavilion.

Same as East Lake, it is also a good place to viewing the beautiful scenery of the region of water. In the spring, the flat and flecky fields of the water town expand widely; the network of rivers crisscrosses, which forms fantastic scenery of the spring of the region of water. Compared with East Lake, the visual field here will be wider since there is no block of the city. After visiting Hou Mountain, maybe you will form the impression of "remained mountain and water". The mountain is famous for its strange rock, deep cave, clean water and especially the peach trees all over the mountain, which decorate the mountain to be more charming. And in the spring, Peach Festival will be held.

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Bus No. 107

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Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00

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