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Covering 9.45 sq. km, Wuxie scenic spot enjoyed a high reputation in history. As early as over 1,400 years ago, Li Daoyuan of the Northern Wei Dynasty recorded Wuxie in his famous work, "Commentary on the Waterways Classic"; it has always been a tourist resort desired for by people. Its major sights include Wuxie Waterfall, Wuxie Lake, 72 Peaks and 36 Flats, Wuxie Temple and Western Dragon Pool etc. Waterfalls of various shapes are the major sparkle and spirit of Wuxie scenic spot. People usually describe the characteristic and vigor of the waterfalls as "high and torrential, making the sound shocking the heaven" and "seems like clouds dropping down". Being praised as the famous waterfall of Zhejiang, they actually deserve the reputation they enjoy.

Wuxie refers to 5 waterfalls, which vertically connect with and differ in shape from each other. Because of the particularity of Wuxie in cultural implication and shape, it is necessary to get down to some extent and carefully feel about it, only through which can people taste its fineness. Having a drop of 5 m, the first one is small and flows gently, dropping down into a deep pool, which is called Jiaotong (means barrel) Pool. The water dropping down into the pool springs again and forms the second waterfall, which has a drop of over 7 m and width of 8 m, with a quadrate pool on its foot. Because of the shape, it is named "Coffin Pool". The waterfall is divided halfway into two by a rock, which seems like two dragons fighting for a gully, whence comes the name of the pavilion aside of Zhenghe (fighting for a gully) Pavilion. The third waterfall has a drop of nearly 18 m, coming from the second one and surging out of the valley. Watched from far, it is like snowflakes flying in the sky at usual time and presents the momentum of removing mountains in rainy days. The water of it roars down and flings into the deep pool along the cliff of 70 or 80 degrees, and this forms the forth waterfall. With a drop of nearly 20 m, it gallops down and makes tremendous crash when striking rocks, which shocks the mountain valley. Wang Siren, a litterateur of the Ming Dynasty, said appropriately that the sound made by the forth waterfall has "three rages", namely, rage in sound, in vigor and in color, hence people built a pavilion named "San (three) Nu (rage) Pavilion" and Sun Zhongshan left the inscription of "Po Bi Er Qu (means cleave the cliff and leave away)". It seems to come and go when flowing and keeps constantly changing, which presents a very beautiful shape, so, it has always been loved by people with wise and appreciated by litterateurs. The fifth waterfall is the most attractive one. Rushing down from the height of over 31 m, its water makes a thundering sound and looks like a white silk, which shocks the mountain and valley and produces clouds and fog. Falling on the cliff, the spray almost makes the whole valley into a silver world of snow and ice. Collecting the rushing force of the four former waterfalls, the fifth one presents a fierce vigor never seen before and makes sounds shaking people's heart.

There are Eastern and Western Dragon Pools in Wuxie scenic spot, and the pool where the fifth waterfall falls into is the eastern one. Watching the waterfalls at the pool is the most exciting thing for most tourists when sightseeing in Wuxie Scenic Spot. Because they will see luxuriant green everywhere and position themselves within the flourishing trees and bamboos, which form a cool world. On the cliff of the Eastern Dragon Pool, there are many inscriptions of litterateurs in Ming and Qing Dynasties, among which "Fei Pu (means flying waterfall)" by Tang Yin and "Fu Kan Long Qiu (means overlooking Dragon Pool)" by Liu Yong are in a relatively good state of preservation.

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