Dongbeiya Ski Resort

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Dongbei Ya Ski Resort is located at Shenyang National Forest Park in Northeast China's Liaoning Province, 28 kilometers away from downtown Shenyang. It is the biggest ski resort in outskirt in China as well as a relaxation place which is suitable for tourism, entertainment, body-building and the like.

Shenyang Dongbeiya Ski Resort

The ski resort is established on August, 2001, and opened to the tourists after the first-phase construction had been finished. The overall area of the Dongbeiya Ski Resort is 700,000 square meters with 120,000 square meters skiing field. Various kinds of fields are built, such as skiing run on the mountain, skiing run for the common people, skiing under night, skiing training field, snow motor field, sled field and plow field. The lower-, middle- and higher- level accommodation can give you diverse choices. Three schools of Chinese dishes—Chuan(Sichuan food),Yue(Cantonese food) and Liao dishes (local food) will make your mouth water.

The resort has many kinds of standard trails. They are 100-meter bicycle field, 100-meter snow sled field, 100-meter training field, 250-meter snow circle field, 300-meter plowing field, 400-meter snow motor field, 700-meter intermediate skiing field, 700 & 750-meter advanced field, 2500-meter comprehensive skiing field. The privileged natural field and well-organized equipment can hold national competition.

In January, 2003, Dongbeiya Ski Resort and Liaoning Economy Daily co-hosted successfully the first snow wedding. In the resort, more than 30 three pairs exclaim oath on the lily-white snow. In February, the resort successfully holds the 2002-2003 National Skiing Competition of Northeastern Region. It was considered a great success due to the scale of participants, most enthusiastic atmosphere, and generous reward.

Dongbeiya Ski Resort has already become the member of Chinese Ski Association. More than 10 skiing experts can provide professional guidance to the skiers. Meanwhile, the skiing club and schools can train the skiers as well.

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Dongbei Ya Ski Resort is located at Shenyang National Forest Park, 28 kilometers away from downtown Shenyang.

How to Get There?

Take bus No.328 from Malu Wan to Xincheng Zi or take bus No.326 from Xincheng Market to Xinchengzi and Dongbeiya Skiing arrange pick-up from Xincheng zi for free.

Ticket Price:

Alpine Skiing:  60 yuan/per hour; Night Skiing: 80 yuan/ per hour
Snow Circle: 50 yuan/ hour; 30 yuan/ half an hour
Snow Sled: 5 yuan/ a time; Snow bycicle: 30 yuan/ per hour
Snow Motor (luxury) 50 yuan/per circle;
Snow Motor (common) 50 yuan/per circle;
Skiing clothes 30 yuan/onece
Skiing hat, glasses and gloves: 5 yuan
Dog Sledding: 10 yuan/per circle
Horse Sledding 10 yuan/per circle

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