Hui Mountain Ice and Snow World

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In the northeast portion of China, in the Lioning Province is located one of the most beautiful scenic spots of the country. This is known as the Hui Mountain Ice and Snow World. Cradled amidst three mountains and a lake, it is situated about 17 km away from Shenyang city and is spread across an area of 116 sq. m.
This beautiful tourist spot is a haven for snow lovers because it has the most amazing cable, snow making machine and skiing equipment. And the best thing is, the trails here have low slope which enable even the under-experienced skiers enjoy the activity with comparative ease. Glistening mountain peaks in bright snowy days is one of the "Eight Sights" of old Shenyang.

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The three mountains that surround this beautiful locale are Hui, Chessboard (Qipan) and Dayang. And, Xiu Lake stands on its left side. To be precise, the Hui Mountain Ice and Snow World is situated on the south eastern bank of this lake. The breathtaking beauty of this place is enough to make anyone lose him/ herself to the awesomeness all around. But, when in mood for a little activity, the area has much in store. Skiing enthusiasts love the Hui Mountain Ice and Snow World for its fantastic trails, snow sled and snow sculpture. The various trails include:
Exercising run: This is 500 meters in length, 30 meters in width and covers an area of 15000 square meters. The highest slope here is 5 degrees and can accommodate up to 500 people.
Children run: This is a 150 meters long and 20 meters wide trail. It covers a total of 3000 square meters. The highest slope is 3 degrees and has the capacity to accommodate up to 200 persons.
Ski run: This trail is 1000 meters long. While the upper part is 30 meters wide, the lower part is 60 meters in width. The total area is 3900 square meters, highest slope is 15 degrees and has the capability to accommodate up to 800 people.
It is also the place that is the home to the annual Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival. This celebration of snow was first held in 1993 and since then has gained much popularity. Recreation, sports and sight-seeing combine to make this one of the most awaited carnivals of the whole year. The International Ice and Snow Festival has now emerged as one of the most popular winter tourist events.
Grand and awe-inspiring sculptures in snow are exhibited during this time. In 2007, for instance, the Daminggong Palace built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) was replicated in snow. Till date, this qualifies as the biggest snow sculpture in the history of the festival. Other fascinating creations of the year were the Juyongguan Pass and the First Slide under Heaven.

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East bank of Xiu Lake, 17 km from Shenyang

How to Get There?

Bus No. 330, No. 331 from Malu Bay station and Lisi Square would take you to the place.

Ticket Price:

Skiing 59 yuan/hour;
skating 10 yuan/hour
Children skating board 20 yuan/hour
snow flying saucer 20 yuan/hour.
Ice run 2 yuan/time
Plow driven by dogs: 10 yuan/person, Plow driven by horses: 5 yuan/person
Riding horses 19 yuan/ time
Snow motor 10 yuan/ time
Ice car 5 yuan/hour
Winter fishing 10 yuan/ hour

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