Strange Slope

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About 30 km from the northeastern portion of Shenyang stands an intriguing landmark that has attracted tourists from all across the globe because of the mystery that remains gathered around it for years now. This is known as the Strange Slope.
A unique point of interest that draws the ‘strange’ness in its name from its apparent capability of defying the gravitational force! It is hard to say what Newton’s reaction would have been but all the visitors absolutely love it when their cars parked on the slope climb up automatically instead of sliding down.
It is said that the slope was discovered by a driver who parked his car at the roadside but then was baffled when it started climbing the slope on its own! Scholars believe that magnetic field and optical illusion contribute to this apparently confusing characteristic. But since nobody could come up with a definite logical explanation, the aura of mystery holds supreme.

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 The slope was discovered in the April of 1990 and has since then been the centre of much tourist activity. It occupies an area of 9 sq. km, runs 80 meters in length and 15 meters in width. The mystery of this site extends beyond the slope to two other adjoining attractions Xiangshan and Wongding. Together, the trio is popularly known as the ‘Three Mysteries’.
1. Xiangshan: Etymologically, the name Xiangshan means a hill that creates a loud sound. Situated on a hillside just 328 feet from the Strange Slope, one can hear the loud echo from below the earth’s surface when stomped on the hillside. 
2. Wongding: This is very close to the Strange Slope. True to its name, Wongding produces sound resembling one made when a wooden hammer or a stone hits the ground.
Between the Strange Slope and Xiangshan lie a labyrinth and also a path with 518 steep steps. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful surrounding from these stairs.
Perhaps the awesomeness of the Strange Slope area lies in the sheer beauty that the surrounding mountains conjure up which, in a way, is as mesmerizing as a mystery. Yunmaoshan, Wolongshan, Guibeishan, Changkongshan and Dagushan create yet another enchanting entity called the Five Great Mountains. While the last three resemble three floating tortoises, Yunmaoshan appeals to the aesthetics with its lofty peak that remains covered in the cloud throughout the year and Wolongshan reminds one of a crouching dragon with its feet on the valley where the Chinese Scholar trees grow in abundance. The months of May and June add a new charm and beauty to the already scenic valley. During this time petals float in the air and cover the whole valley with a snowy whiteness. 
The Strange Slope area is the home to many other attractions. These include the ancient Bao'en Temple, modern adventurous Concentric Rope Bridge and Entertainment Shooting Range. The area is also famous for 3 beautiful lakes Lihua, (on the south of Guai Po), Yueya (on the north) and Yinshan (on the east) and 1 enchanting spring called the Xiamei Spring.The water of this spring is sweet and never freezes even during the winters.
It is said that in the ancient times the spring was called the Dragon Spring because it came out of the mouth of a dragon that lived under the mountain. Also, the spring had water only during the full moon. Later on it was named after Xiamei, a fairy and the daughter of Yudi, the king of Heaven, for her kind deeds that saved a lot of people and made the spring a year-long phenomenon. 

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It is located in the west forest downhill the Maoshan, Qingshuitai Town, Shenbei District 

How to Get There?

Bus Route: 331, 330, 4304, 328 Tourist Bus

Ticket Price:

CNY 20

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05:30-16:30 (Summer) 09:00-17:00 (Winter)

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