Xinle Relics

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Xinle Relics used to be a village at New Stone Age when the matrilineal society is prospering. Covering an area of 17.8 hectares, of which 2.5 hectares was a compact community, it was firstly discovered in 1973. A number of extraordinary valuable coal articles and wood-sculptured works of art were unearthed since. A Museum was built to house the cultural relic in 1984. According to archaeological investigation of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, it had a history of well more than seven thousand years. It is now under the governance of the Provincial Cultural Heritage Protection Bureau.

There are all sorts of bone articles of different times, of which most are bone handles and bones pricks unearthed in under-layer ancient houses in 1978. The 11.2 centimeters long Bone handle looks like two stone boards agglutinate together viewing from the side. The 10 centimeters long 1.4 centimeters wide Bone prick was a drilling tool. It was compressed, and the point was crooked and sharp. The 12.3 centimeters high, 19 centimeters calibre earthen bowl with long stem and slanting fine grain was also unearthed from the underground ancient houses in 1978. The red pottery food container was decorated with pressing slanting grain and net.

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No1, Longshan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang

How to Get There?
You can get there by buses No. 217, 232, 236.

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20 yuan per person

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It takes about half an hour to visit Xinle Relics.

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