Yong An Bridge

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Yong'an Bridge is commonly called Dashiqiao or the "big stone"  bridge. Built in the sixth year of Chongde Period in Qing Dynasty (1641), as a means for the emperors of the Qing Dynasty to have easy access into the eastern area. As a result it became a bridge of importance and significance early in the Qing Dynasty.

Yong'an Bridge is a stunning piece of architecture of the time with it's three stone arches. Measuring 37 meters long and an overall width of 14.5 meters. The actual road is nearly 9 meters wide while the bridge head has a width of 12 meters. On each side of the bridge stands 19 stone railings. All are all in the shape of the lotus leaf except the ones at the ends of the bridge. They are sculptured with lions, each of the opposite sex, gazing at each other. They are truly exquisite.

To further enhance the beauty of the bridge, the railing boards surfaces are decorated with designs of persimmon flowers and rolling clouds. The drum-shaped bearing stones near the end pillars are carved with designs of deer, tiger, kylin (an imaginary holy unicorn in Chinese mythology), rhinoceros, goat and butterflies.

On the north side of the bridge structure, you will see two stretching dragon heads, while on the south side, two dragon tails are exposed to see. Viewing from a distance, you will get the impression that the bridge is carried on the back of two dragons. The lively picture shows the ingenuity and skill of the ancient craftsmen.

Yong'an Bridge has experienced many changes of over 300 years. Its surface had been seriously damaged and was in need of much restoration. However in 1979, The Historical Relics Preservation Office of Shenyang City had renovated it and restored it to the original condition for all to appreciate.

The bridge was listed on the Provincial Historical Relic Protection list in 1988.

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You can go there by bus No. 329 from Shenyang Department Store to Yong'an Bridge, then to its terminus MasanJia.

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All day

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