Dameisha Beach

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Dameisha area includes Dameisha Seashore Park and the hinterland, which covers an area of 1,680,000 square meters. In the seashore park, there are the beach covering 180,000 square meters, the sunshine hallway which is 432 meters long, Sun Plaza covering 13,000 square meters, Moon Plaza covering 4,000 square meters, 230 parking stalls and other service facilities. Up to now, all these programs have completed and open to the public free.

According to the themes of Dameisha, which are romance, freedom and recreation, the hinterland is designed with the relevant facilities, like the apartments with hotel-styled services, cafe, public house, teahouse and shopping center. All these enrich the tourist resources of Dameisha.

Meanwhile, the artificial sceneries here fit the environment well. An island, a bridge, a boat, a church and a couple, the romantic wedding in Dameisha enriches the theme and sublimate the spiritual contents of Dameisha. As Dameisha is full of mountains and water, the sports activities like climbing, camping and rosary under the mountain are developed here to fill up the deficiency of tourist resources in low seasons.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located in the Yantian district, in the east of the Mirs Bay, between the Yantian Port and Xiaomeisha.

How to Get There?

You can take metro line 1 at Shenzhen Railway Station(in Luohu district) from the Railway Station to GuoMao Station and exit from Exit 3. Then transfer to the Sightseeing bus No.1 which will take you to Dameisha Directly.

Other buses getting there are bus No.68, 103K, 202, 205, 238, 242, 308, 358 and 360.

If at the airport, you can also take the bus(airport line 6)there to the Sha Tau Kok Bus Station and transfer to the Bus No. 239 to Dameisha directly.

Ticket Price:

Free ticket

Opening Hours:
8:00-1:00 (next day) in busy-seasons and 8:30-17:30 in off-seasons.

More Tips:

There are many people during holidays and weekends. Try to avoid them if possible.

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