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Shenzhen Happy Valley, the first batch of national AAAAA tourism area, is a modern theme park which integrates participation, appreciation, recreation and interestingness, covering an area of 350,000 square meters. It began to open to the public in 1998 and it has grown into a large modern park with the most advanced facilities after years of development. 

Theme Areas

Shenzhen Happy Valley consists of 9 theme areas, including Spanish Square, Cartoon Town, Gold Mine Town, Typhoon Bay, Sunshine Beach, Happy Times, Shangri-la Woods, Playa Maya Water Park and Mount Adventure. There are also more than 100 entertainment projects of a variety which are preferred by both the old and the young. Shenzhen Happy Valley has introduced a number of particular recreational projects from America, Netherlands, Germany and many other countries. The entertainment projects include the highest roller coaster in Asia, China’s first suspended looping coaster, China’s first mini train imitated classic style, the four-dimensional cinema integrating visual sense, auditory sense and touch sensation, the water warship with the world’s longest track and the topflight elevated tourist excursion train.
Spanish Square: You will feel as if you were in the coast of the Mediterranean with all the natural and harmonious scenery around you.
Magic Castle: Magic Castle is the first magic theme space in Asia. It’s also China’s unique fantasy paradise which offers over 20 amusing parent-child projects, such as space shuttle and climb in forest.
Shangri-la Woods: In the mysterious Shangri-la Woods, you can enjoy yourself by going through the primeval forests and experiencing an adventure trip.
Sunshine Beach: It boasts the romantic tropical seaside environment. In this light-hearted and relaxing environment, you can enjoy the beautiful beach, the bright sunshine and the verdant tropical trees. Maybe you can make various sand sculptures by the sand beach with your child. 
Playa Maya Water Park: Filled with authentic South American flavor, Playa Maya Water Park is equipped with all kinds of exquisite dabbling facilities, which offer you an opportunity to appreciate miraculous Maya civilization and enjoy dabbling in water.

Joyous Performances

Every day, there are dozens of joyous performances in the Happy Valley, making the Happy Valley become a sea of joy and excitement. 
Tunnel Warfare: It offers large-scale film and television live-action shooting performances, showing the historic scene of wars in those years vividly. You can feel and experience the pleasure of film and TV shooting.  
Extreme Sports: You can watch breathtaking live shows performed by foreign professional players. 
Aerial Acrobatics:Incredible professional acrobats can give performance of fantastic aerial acrobatics.
Hip-Hop:You will be intoxicated with the most fashionable hip-hop performances accompanied by the strong rhythm and shocking music.
Dazzling Cruise: The dazzling night cruise boasts dynamic music, grand parade, blinding color and passionate dances, providing you with a joyous night.
Magic Carnival: The Magic Carnival integrates joy with magic, taking full advantage of three-dimensional space. 
Integrating magic performances including laser light, blowing snow and thunderbolt fire and aesthetic performances including acrobatics and dances, you can enter into magic four seasons and feel and experience the magic snow at winter night, full blossoms in spring, the passion of summer and the harvest of autumn.

Tailor-make a Tour to Shenzhen Happy Valley

If you’d like to visit Shenzhen Happy Valley while traveling to China, China Travel can tailor-make a tour to Shenzhen Happy Valley, which can save your time and money and trouble-free. Please feel free to tell us your idea!


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How to Get There?

Metro Line 1 leads right to Happy Valley. Get off at The Window of the World Station and 3 minute walk to Happy Valley. You can also take comfortable sightseeing bus from Luohu railway station to Happy Valley.

Ticket Price:

200 yuan per person; 100 yuan per person for children between 1.2 and 1.5 meters tall and the old aged between 65 and 69 years old with valid identification cards; free for children shorter than 1.2 meters; 80 yuan per person for night ticket from 18:30 to 21:00

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

If you enter Happy Valley after 19:00, you only need to pay 50 Yuan for the night. You could enjoy the eight items in Happy Valley phase 3 for free, view the three play with water happily in Maya water Park for free.

There is an International Youth Hotel near the Happy Valley with affordable prices, which is suitable for self-held tourists.

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