Shenzhen Safari Park

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Shenzhen Safari Park is the first ever open ended Zoo in the country and is located by the banks of beautiful Xili Lake.
The park covers an area of about 1,200,000 square meters and is a magical location known for its wild animals and kiwi birds. It has an exquisite landscape, elegant and quiet environment.

Things to Do


Shenzhen Safari Park is a very popular zoo that combines animal performances, plants and animals and the first in China to un-cage the animals. It is home to over 300 animal breeds and many of these are exotic and rare animals from China and other parts of the world. Visitors can find flamingos, Siberian tigers, red crown cranes, Asian elephants, giraffes and pandas at the park. To its north are green mountains that act as a barrier. Buses are available within the park to watch the animals in play or simply relaxing.

The Three Zones 

Shenzhen Safari Park has been divided into three zones: the performance and walking zone, the beast of prey zone and herbivore zone. The adventurous beasts area is home to various animals such as cheetahs, lions, wolves, bears, tigers from South China, Siberian tigers and white Bengal tigers. This is the only place in the world where visitors will find Tiglon as well as very rarely found ligers. 

The Herbivore Zone 

In the herbivore zone of Shenzhen Safari Park visitors will be able to find herbivorous animals such as pandas, swans, hippopotamuses, camels, kangaroos, zebras, flamingos and giraffes. This area is also home to the largest ever swan lake in the country. Visitors can take a boat ride to appreciate the beauty of graceful white and black swans in the lake. The pandas here are a highlight and the park is considered to be a national treasure for China.

The Performance Zone 

In the performance zone there are wonderful performances to be enjoyed. It is home to red orangutans. There are ten different animal performances in the zoo each day in the 4 different performance halls- Birds Performance Hall, Sea Lion Hall, Tigers and Elephants Show Hall and the Circus Hall.

The Highlights 

The Shenzhen Safari Park also conducts a very popular and exciting performance with around 1,000 animals and over 300 actors. The elephants are the parade leaders, the pigeons hover the sky with animals like lions and tigers following behind.
In the performance and walking zone, visitors will find various attractions such as the Golden Monkey viewing tower and enclosure, the Panda Hall, Snake House, Monkey Hill and Crocodile Pool. There are wonderful performances from Russian and Chinese Circuses, majestic animals and even funny wedding ceremonies that are performed by the bears along with dances performed by the red crown cranes.

The Ocean World and Zoological Center 

The Shenzhen Safari Park has the largest Zoological Center in China and it provides visitors with a lot of information on animals. Here visitors can learn more about the animal world through pictures and specimens as well as with touch screen devices. The Ocean World in the park is also very popular with visitors. Here visitors can view sea creatures like lemon sharks, white fin and black fin sharks, sea lions and spotted dolphins. It also features a Happy Ocean musical drama with mid air acrobatics, sea animal and high diving performances.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Nanshan District

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Shenzhen Safari Park by bus no 101, 226, 457, 435 and 434.

Ticket Price:

 CNY 150, Ocean World: CNY 60

Opening Hours:

08:30 AM to 6:30 PM

More Tips:

 Booking stops at 5:15 PM.

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