Xianhu Botanic Garden

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Xianhu Botanic Garden of Shenzhen is located in northeastern Shenzhen. To its west is the Shenzhen Reservoir and to its east is Wu Tung Shan, the highest peak of Shenzhen.
The garden covers an area of around 588 hectares and was built in the year 1983. It was officially open for general public in the year 1988.

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The Xianhu Botanic Garden has been known as a haven for harmony and peace for years now. It is a classic Chinese garden with more than 3000 plant species. Xianhu Botanic Garden had been built in the year 1983 and is a very renowned scenic area and botanical area. It also serves as the center for tourism, education and scientific research.

Plant Species Divisions 

Xianhu Botanic Garden is home to a very large range of plant species that have been preserved in various divisions like Bonsai Garden, Shady Plants Garden, Medicinal Plants, Bamboo Garden, Gymnosperms Garden, Cryptogamic Garden, Aquatic Plants, Succulents and Cacti, Palm Garden, Endangered and Rare Trees Garden, International Magnolia and Cycads Conservation Center.

The Scenic Areas 

Xianhu Botanic Garden is also divided into six scenic areas: Azalea and Conifers Area, Petrified Forest, Desert Landscape, Temple Area, Lake Area and the Earth and Heaven Area. Throughout the garden are various classic Chinese garden buildings such as the Lansheng Pavilion, Longzhun Tower, Liangyi Pavilion and the Jade Belt Bridge. Inside the garden is a Palaeontology Museum which exhibits various types of fossils.

The Various Gardens 

Xianhu Botanic Garden is blanketed with various trees and lush lawn. It is also an excellent place for plants to thrive since the garden is embedded with a lake, thick and rich soil, friendly climate and is surrounded by the mountains. Most of the succulents and cacti in the garden were brought from Africa and America.
Since they differ in color and shape, they are highly popular with visitors today. Xianhu Botanic Garden has three main gardens- African Garden, Asian Garden and American Garden. The garden is built over an area of 10,000 sq m of Desert Landscape Area within which these three main gardens are located today.

A Beautiful Place for Excursion And Relaxation 

Xianhu Botanic Garden is highly popular with tourists today because of the wide range of plants that it is home to. Other than that, the garden is also popular because of its location near the mountains and the lake, offering a perfect place for relaxation and natural beauty. It is definitely one of the top attractions in the country today.

Hongfa Temple 

Xianhu Botanic Garden is also home to Hongfa Temple. The temple was built in the year 1985 and is one of the most influential and popular Buddhist Temples in the province today. The temple faces Fairy Lake and has its back against the steep mountain cliff. The Hongfa Temple is considered to be Shenzhen’s most efficacious temple.
Thousands of visitors come to the temple on the 1st and 15th day of each lunar month. Entry to the temple is free, however, visitors cannot burn their own incense in the temple. Free incense is available at the temple itself. This step has been taken by the authorities for environment conservation.

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160- Xianhu Road in Liantang, Luohu District of Shenzhen

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Xianhu Botanic Garden by taking bus number 382, 336, 333, 311, 220, 218, 113, 65, 57 or 27.

Ticket Price:

20 Yuan

Opening Hours:

6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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