Xiaomeisha Beach Park

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Xiaomeisha is situated near the mountains and the sea and it is praised to be the Oriental Hawaii. Xiaomeisha is embraced by green mountains on three facets and is adjacent to the blue seawater on one facet. It looks like a crescent sand beach enchased in the sky and the water. The sand beach extends thousands of miles around the sea and the bathing place is clean and wide. The blue sea extends to tens of thousands of miles away and the exuberant coconut palms dancing on the shore. Look around, the beach is decorated vividly by colorful sunshades, the yachts make out the spoondrifts, the parachutes open in the sky like the flowers, the giant waves beat the coast of Dunzhou Island and the bonfire is really high in the kilo-person barbecue field. There is a tropical rainforest with white sand beach around Xiaomeisha. This place overlooks Hong Kong into the distance. In the newly-completed Marine World, there are brilliant performances of dolphins, sea lions and seals everyday that widen the tourists’ horizon.

Xiaomeisha Resort is located near the thousand-mile sand beach. There are far-flung bathing place and a lot of entertaining items like the parachute-jumping on the sea, motorboats and submarines. The supporting services are from soup to nuts. Villas, restaurants, department stores, tents and barbecue could all be found inside the resort.

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How to Get There?
Transportation: Take No.380 bus from Kengzi, or take No.360 bus from Yinhu. In Hong Kong, take the special bus line which passes Kowloon Tong. Take No.103 bus from Shixianan.

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10:00-19:00 usually and 9:30-20:30 in busy-seasons.

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