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Longzai Rice

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/22

The most remarkable feature of the steamed rice lies in that the rice is permeated with the fragrance of lotus leaves. It is because the rice is steamed with the wrap of lotus leaves for quite a long time. Of course, this is just one factor of this delicious food.

Longzai rice with lotus leaves tastes like Baozai rice as they are both savory and delicious. There are many flavors of Longzai rice such as mushroom chicken, cured meat, sauced meat and seafood rice. You can choose the flavor as you like. Baozai rice usually has some crispy rice in it and it is pretty interesting to eat it with spoon. Eating Longzai rice is relatively easier. The refreshing fragrance of lotus sends forth from the rice gradually.  The inspiration of creating Longzai rice comes from the traditional Cantonese food—glutinous rice chicken.

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