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Shenzhen Shopping

Shenzhen Local Products:

Shenzhen, as a shopping paradise for both residents and visitors, collects various things from designer fashion to street stall threads, international brands to local products, the mundane to the exotic; if it can' t be bought in Shenzhen, it probably can' t be bought anywhere. On weekends, Shenzhen' s residents and thousands of Hong Kong bargain hunters pour in the city to look for food products, home appliances, clothing, jewellery and other else. Such a crazy phenomenon creates a demand for shops that the city meets with a vengeance. Shopping in Shenzhen will provide you high quality and inexpensive products and make you enjoy yourself to the full.

Shenzhen Shops and Stores:

As one of the first cities to open its doors to the West in 1979, and with the added advantage of being right next to Hong Kong, Shenzhen has some great department stores. North Huaqiang Area (Hua Qiang Bei) is the most prosperous shopping area in Shenzhen. It holds dozens of market places for electronic products, home appliances, timepieces, clothing and jewelry. Luohu Commercial City, as the closest shopping area to Hong Kong, usually crowded on weekends.The five-story building houses many stores selling clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories and traditional craftworks. MixC Shopping Mall is the city's largest shopping mall and one of the most luxurious, selling clothes, cosmetics and fashion accessories. The commodity prosperity fully shows the economic strength of the Shenzhen.

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