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Shenzhen Shopping

Shenzhen Local Products:

Shenzhen, as a shopping paradise for both residents and visitors, collects various things from designer fashion to street stall threads, international brands to local products, the mundane to the exotic; if it can' t be bought in Shenzhen, it probably can' t be bought anywhere. On weekends, Shenzhen' s residents and thousands of Hong Kong bargain hunters pour in the city to look for food products, home appliances, clothing, jewellery and other else. Such a crazy phenomenon creates a demand for shops that the city meets with a vengeance. Shopping in Shenzhen will provide you high quality and inexpensive products and make you enjoy yourself to the full.

Longgang Sanhuang Chicken

Sanhuang Chickens of Longgang Town in Longgang District are known for the big shape and tender meat. Besides, the chicken skin is white and glossy.

Songgang Preserved Duck

Songgang Town in Bao'an District boasts of a long history of breeding ducks. The Songgang preserved ducks are golden and glossy at appearance. The meat is tender and fragrant. Songgang Preserved Ducks have been sold in Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia.

Xixiang Jiwei Shrimp

Jiwei-shrimps are produced in Xixiang of Bao'an District on the eastern inlet of Pearl River. The shrimps are small in size and similar to a middle finger in shape. The shrimps are transparent from head to foot and there are a few speckles on the husks. The shrimps are really tender and delicious with a high protein content which could compare with that of Shajin oysters.

Nan Ao Abalone

Nan'ao Town is one of the biggest on-land abalone bases in China. The abalone is high in its nutritious value.

Nanshan Litchi

Nanshan Litchi is famous for its crystal and tender pulp, refreshing and sweet taste and abundant juice. An aftertaste will linger around for several days.

Pingshan Jingui Orange

Jingui Oranges of Pingshan Town in Longgang District have a history of more than 100 years. The oranges are full of juice and taste extremely sweet. The oranges can relieve thirsty and help digestion.

Fuyong Wutou Fish

Wutou-fish is produced in Helan sea area on the western part of Shenzhen where salty water and fresh water join together. The fish weighs about 250 grams and there is only one chine from its head to foot. The fish is tender and delicious. No matter you cook it, steam it or stew it, the taste of the fish is consistently wonderful.

Shajing Oyster

Shajing oysters are large, white and tender because it is located at the mouth of the Pearl River where the salty water and fresh water join together. The oysters are rich in protein and vitamins. The iodine content of the oysters is 200 times as much as that of the milk and yolk.

Xili Mango

The mangoes of Xili Town in Nanshan District are big, sweet and high in yields. The mango confections and dry mango are also very popular.

Shiyan Sha Pear

Sha pear is one of the featured fruits in Shenzhen. Shiyan Town in Baoshan District is the most famous producing area of this pear.

Shenzhen Shops and Stores:

As one of the first cities to open its doors to the West in 1979, and with the added advantage of being right next to Hong Kong, Shenzhen has some great department stores. North Huaqiang Area (Hua Qiang Bei) is the most prosperous shopping area in Shenzhen. It holds dozens of market places for electronic products, home appliances, timepieces, clothing and jewelry. Luohu Commercial City, as the closest shopping area to Hong Kong, usually crowded on weekends.The five-story building houses many stores selling clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories and traditional craftworks. MixC Shopping Mall is the city's largest shopping mall and one of the most luxurious, selling clothes, cosmetics and fashion accessories. The commodity prosperity fully shows the economic strength of the Shenzhen.


It will be a great pity if you don't come to Dongmen Old Street when you visit Shenzhen. Dongmen Commercial Street has become a new-type pedestrian street of shopping, sightseeing and entertaining. Along this street, there are big department stores and various types of franchised stores. You can find Dongmen branch, Qingchun branch and Heping branch of Maoya Emporium in this commercial area. You can also find Dongmen branch of Tianhong Emporium and Taiyang Department Store here. Besides, there are Boya Bookstore, MongKok Shopping Center, Tianlong Plaza, Zhonghai Plaza and Yuegang Commercial Center.


Huaqiangbei is the assembly place of electronic products. It is also a place of general merchandise, clothing, jewelry, repast, restaurants, storage and finance. You can find a lot of shopping malls here like Causeway Bay Department Store, Redbud Plaza, Qunxing Plaza, Manhattan Commercial Plaza, Children's World, Xindahao Plaza, Women's World, Oriental Fashion, Liren World, Tianhong Department Store and Tax-free Department Store


Around this area, there is Causeway Bay Plaza with Causeway Bay Department Store, Wal-mart Supermarket and Yijianong Furniture Store in the plaza. In the surroundings, there scatters featured snacks streets, acoustics equipment supermarkets, hairdressing saloons, dry cleaners, gymnasiums, saloons, western style restaurants, bookshops, tea houses, drugstores, children's funfairs and securities agencies.


Haiya Department Store, Youyicheng Department Store, Nanshan branch of Chuangjing Shop, Nanshan branch of Children's World, Haobainian Furniture Store, Holiday Plaza Commercial Street, Wangjia Department Store and Nanshan Bookstore are all the attractions in Nanshan Commercial Area.

South Renmin Road

This is the area full of restaurants in such a high density. There are famous shopping malls around such as Xiwu Department Store, Youyicheng Department Store, Tian'an International Department Store, Shenfang Department Store and Luohu Commercial City. Additionally, there are cinemas, song ballrooms, Karaoke bars and discotheques.


The Shekou Commercial Area circles around Wal-mart and Jimeitang Furniture Store. In this area, there are Baijia Supermarket and Nanshan branch of Xinyijia Supermarket. Along Xuefu Street, there are supermarkets like Carrefour, Renrenle, Manha and Wal-mart.


Around Shennanzhong, there are Zhongxin City Plaze, Suibao Department Store, International Department Store, Andes Shopping Mall for Children, Qianse Multiple Shop and various styles of shops. It is now the highest-grade shopping center of Shenzhen.

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