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Shenzhen Transport

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Shenzhen in Guangdong Province is the closest city to Hong Kong, one of the most modern and developed cities in China. Due to the geographic advantage, Shenzhen is an important economic and cultural center in Guangdong, which makes Shenzhen has a modern and convenient transport hub. There are flights, trains and coaches to most provincial capitals in China. Transport to Hong Kong is regular and convenient. Travelers can take a boat or ferry to Hong Kong, or reach Hong Kong by subway, bus and plane.



Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (深圳宝安国际机场), about 32 kilometers away from the downtown of Shenzhen, is one of the top four busiest airports in China. It has opened more than 110 domestic air routes and 14 international air lines.

There are domestic air lines to most cities in China such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Sanya, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Guiyang, Guilin, Yibin, etc. The airport has regional air lines to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and international air routes including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sabah in Malaysia, Bangkok (the capital of Thailand), Seoul (the capital of South Korea), Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.

Address: Located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen

Airport Hotline:   (+755) 2345 6789

Complain Tel:      (+755) 2345 6315

Ticket Booking Tel:(+755) 2345 6789

                    (+755) 2777 2000

                    (+755) 2345 5300

How toget Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport?

1. Subway


Travelers can take Subway Line 1 to the airport, and get off at Airport East Stop(机场东站).

2. Bus

Passengers can take No. 330 bus or a bus number beginning with 5 and 6 to the airport. Besides, there are 10 air shuttle bus routes running between the airport and the city center.

The shuttle buses start at 07:30 from Bao’an International Airport to Hualian Mansion(华联大厦), which is close to Shenzhen Railway Station. There is a shuttle bus to Hualian Mansion in every 20 minutes from the airport. And the shuttle buses leaving for the airport from the downtown keep running from 06:20 to 21:00 every day. Its interval time is about 15 minutes with a 35-minute journey. We suggest passengers take a shuttle bus to the airport 2 hour in advance.

The airport buses can reach a lot of places in Shenzhen. For example: No.327 can reach Futian Water Park (福田水上乐园) from the airport. No.355 Bus runs between Bao’an International Airport and Shekou. No.602 bus is convenient from the airport to Baocheng District. Travelers can take a K568 bus from the railway station to the airport. The ticket is from 2 to 35 CNY, depending on the distance of your journey.

3. Taxi

The taxi fee from Shenzhen Railway Station to the airport is about 100 to 110 CNY, with a 40-kilomter trip. It usually takes about 35 minutes without a traffic jam.

Travelers can take a taxi to the city center in Shenzhen. Usually, the taxi fee is about 130 CNY to the area near the World Trade Mansion or Luohu, including 20 CNY highway tolls.

Getting Hong Kong from the airport

1. Bus

Bus station in the Airport has high-ranking shuttle buses to Hong Kong Airport, Kowloon, Wan Chai and Hong Kong Disneyland. The direct buses to Wan Chai and the Mong Kok are from 08:20 to 23:30. The buses to Hong Kong Disneyland begin at 08:20 and end at 11:00 every day. The buses leave for Hong Kong in every 20 minutes with a ticket of 110 CNY to 200 CNY. The buses to Shenzhenwan Border, Kowloon Tong and Taizi Road leave from the airport in every 30 minutes from 09:55 to 21:25 every day.

2. Waterway

Passengers can also take a ferry to Hong Kong and Macau in Airport Fuyong Dock near the airport. The journey to Hong Kong is about 40 minutes, and it takes about 70 minutes to Macau.

Railway Stations


Shenzhen has railways extending in all directions, and it is the earliest city to have high-speed railways. Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Beijing- Kowloon Railway (two main South-to-North railway lines) meet in Shenzhen. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Line makes Shenzhen has connected with more cities through Guangzhou Railway Station. There are long-distance trains to Beijing, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Shanghai, Jiujiang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, etc. There are bullet trains runs between Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Railway Station

There are 4 railway stations in Shenzhen, however, Shenzhen Railway Station(深圳火车站) and Shenzhen West Railway Station (深圳火车西站)are the main railway stations to offer railway service in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Railway Station

Shenzhen Railway Station is located in Luohu District, about five minutes to the Luohu Port. The railway station has a more comprehensive railway hub in Shenzhen, because of its golden location. Situated in the busy downtown, the station has comfortable waiting rooms, a spacious ticket center, and offers a convenient tourism information service. There are about 50 railway lines to other cities in the mainland of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and so on, and other cities within Guangdong Province like Dongguan and Guangzhou.

Unfortunately, there are no trains to Hong Kong directly. Shenzhen Railway Station has independent ticket offices and entrance for bullet trains to Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong Province.

How to get there?

Travelers can take Bus N2, N5, No.7, 12, 17, 25, 101, 102, 205, 106, and 206 to Shenzhen Railway Station.

Shenzhen West Railway Station

Located in the junction of Yueliangwan Street(月亮弯大道)and Xuefu Road (学府路),Shenzhen West Railway Station is another important railway station in Shenzhen. Over 20 trains stop at the railway station every day, and there are more temporary trains stopping there during the Spring Festival and other holidays. Trains in Shenzhen West Railway Station mainly leave for the direction of Huaihua, Yueyang and Xinyang and also can reach Wuchang and Hefei.

How to get there?

Passengers can take No.20, 31, 36, 229 and 234 Bus to Shenzhen West Railway Station. Travelers in Futian and Luohu areas can take No.229 and 234 to reach the railway station.


Shenzhen has highways to major cities in the mainland as well as Hong Kong and Macau. There are 8 big coach stations and dozens of bus stations in Shenzhen. Coaches leaving for Guangzhou, Shantou, Zhanjiang, Fuzhou and Xiamen, and other cities in Guangdong Province are available every day.

Luohu Coach Station(罗湖汽车客运站)

Near Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port, Luohu Coach Station has coaches to other cities in Guangdong Province such as Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Chaozhou, Shantou and Macau. Metro Line 1 goes through Luohu Coach Station. And there are a lot of buses to the coach station including Bus No.1, 12, 17, 25, 38, 82, 83, 101, 102, 106, 205, 215, 302, 352, 337, K302, K528, K533, K538, K568 and K545

Information Tel: 0755-82321670


Complain Tel:   0755-82324729

Address: It is located in 1st floor, Luohu Shopping City, No.1168 South Renmin Road, Luohu District(罗湖区人民南路1168号罗湖商业城1楼), near the East square of Shenzhen Railway Station.

Shenzhen Yinhu Coach Station(深圳银湖汽车客运站)

Shenzhen Yinhu Coach Station is located in 1st Floor, Yinhu Mansion, the North Shangbu Road, Shenzhen(深圳市上步北路银湖大厦首层).There are coaches to Hubei, Gansu, Shanghai, Henan, Guizhou, Anhui, Fujian, Hainan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu provinces there. Passengers can No.4, 5, 7, 301, 360, 352, and 336 to reach Yinhu Coach Station.

Information Tel: 0755-82436053

Complain Tel: 0755-82439766

Huanggang Coach Station(皇岗汽车客运站)

The number of the express buses between Guangzhou and Shenzhen are over150 every day. There are non-stop 300 buses running between Shenzhen and Hong Kong daily in Huanggang Bus Station. Turn left after the border crossing in Huanggang Port(皇岗口岸).

Information Tel: 0755-83370423

Complain Tel: 0755-82941241

Transport: Airport Line 9 and Bus No.9, 23, 26, 109, 235, 313, 325, 326, 338, 357, 362, and 366 are available to Huanggang Coach Station.

Futian Coach Station (福田汽车客运站)

Address: Futian Comprehensive Transport Center, Shennan Road, Futian District (福田区深南大道福田综合交通换乘中心).


Transport: Passenger take Metro Line 1 and get off at Zhuzilin(竹子林) Stop. There are a lot of buses reaching Futian Coach Station, including Bus E4,E6,E10,E13,B697312,317,M362,372,K359,K384,K578, 28,49,64,202,210 and 212.

Qiaoshe Coach Station (侨社汽车客运站)

Address: Located in No.1021, Heping Road, Shenzhen.

Information Tel: 0755-25598360

Complain Tel: 0755-25570430

Transport: Bus no.2, 8, 28, 61, 207, 228, 309,321 and K548 are available to Qiaoshe Coach Station.

City Transport

Shenzhen has a modern city transport net, made up of buses, subways and taxis. Passengers in Shenzhen can enjoy a fast and convenient transport service in the downtown.


There are over 200 bus routes running through the whole city. The departure interval for every bus is as short as 5 minutes. Usually, buses in Shenzhen start at 06:30, and ends at 22:30. The ticket for a standard bus is from 1 CNY to 7 CNY per person, depending on your journey. The transport fee for an air-conditioned bus is 2 to 10 CNY for an adult. Most buses in Shenzhen are self-service buses. Public buses, whose numbers start with N, extend its service to 2:00 in the morning. 5 tourism buses in Shenzhen are available to all the attritions in the city.


Shenzhen has 5 subway lines running through the city center. The subway keeps running from 06:30 to 23:00 daily, however, it may extend its work hours to 24:00 during the holiday including New Year, the Spring Festival, May Day and Chinese National Day.

Ticket: The basic ticket is 2 CNY for the first 6 stations, later its additional fee is 1 CNY for each four stations. Subway Line 1, which is from Luohu Railway Station to The Window of the World (世界之窗),costs 5 CNY totally.

There is a map of Shenzhen Subway.


Visitors can get a taxi at most places except no-parking areas. The taxis are divided into 3 types with green, yellow and red colors, green taxis can only drive out of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. And Shenzhen boasts its outstanding taxi drivers with good English and rich travel knowledge.

Taxi fee

Within the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

The basic taxi fee is 10 CNY for the first 2 km, then an additional fee is 2.4 CNY per kilometer from 06:00 to 23:00. You need to pay for 30% empty return fee when the journey is over 25 kilometers. If you want keep a taxi waiting for you, the fee is 0.8 CNY per kilometer.

Out of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Green taxis start at 6 CNY within 1.5 kilometers, then 2.4 CNY and 30% empty return fee for each kilometer between 06:00 and 23:00. Red and yellow taxis have the same charge with the ones in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The waiting taxi charge is also 0.8 CNY per kilometer.


Shenzhen has a modern waterway system, and provides travelers with safe and pleasant waterway journeys. Totally, there are 8 ports offering waterway transport service, but Shekou Port and Fuyong Port are the main wharfs for passengers.

Shenzhen Shekou Port

Shenzhen Shekou Port has regular ferries or boats to Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kowloon and Macau. The Port is on the junction of Gangao Avenue and Nanhai Avenue in Shehou. Passenger can take 419 or 439 bus to get Shekou Port.

Address: It is situated in No.1, Gangwan 1st Road, Shekou, Nanshan District(南山区蛇口港湾一路1号).

Information Tel for the Mainland 0755 -26,695,601;

Information Tel for Hong Kong and Macao: 0755 -26,691,213

Fuyong Dock in Bao’an International Airport

Fuyong Dock has a lot of ferries to Hong Kong every day, consisting of ferries to Gangao Ferry Terminal in Xinde Center, Sheung Wan(上环信德中心港澳码头), to Zhonggangcheng Ferry Terminal(九龙中港城码头) in Kowloon with  one hour journey, and high-speed ferries to Haitian Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong International Airport (机场海天码头). There are 18 high-speed ferries leave for Hong Kong every day with a 45-minute journey.

It also opens 7 speedboats to New Gangao Dock(新港澳码头) in Macau, with one hour journey. There are free shuttle buses to pick up passenger in the airport to the Fuyong Dock.

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