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Shigatse Shopping

Shigatse Local Products:

In Shigatse, visitors can buy most things that are sold elsewhere in Tibet. There is a famous bazaar in the north of Shigatse, where all kinds of daily necessities are available. Of course, visitors can easily find some special things like prayer wheels, Thangkas, stone pillar inscribed with Buddhist scripture, and some decorations.

Tibetan Knife

Tibetan knife is a traditional famous artwork with a long history and a longstanding good reputation in Tibet. Its distinctive feature makes itself popular with the tourists. The knife is an indispensable tool for Tibetan people who use it to cut meat, to defend themselves, and for special decoration. Generally speaking, Tibetan knives strengthen mans courage, power and make girls look smarter and more swellish. Tibetan knife guard impresses people like the weak conquering the strong. It makes people feel safe, strong, and become full of intrepid national personality. Tibetan knives are much different in prices according to the materials and the handcraft. To buy Tibetan knives, visitors are strongly recommended to go to Shigatse, where the knives are meticulously made and decorated with delicate silver handles. One thing to be reminded is that knives are not permitted to bring on planes, if you like to buy some, just post them home.

Tibetan Carpet

With a unique weaving style, Tibetan carpet has bright, glaring and harmonious colors, which live lively, just as the decorative style of Tibetan architectural paintings. Tibetan carpet is durable, soft and fine. Its strong national feature of designs adds more value of appreciation, which brings it high reputation through out the world. It plays a significant role for the people who live in the highland area where is humid and cold, and always be the necessities for the herdsmen who always live in the pasturing area. Tibetan carpet, with patterns of footcloths, rugs and kang mats, on the basis of Tibetan minority traditional art, merging the essence of religious artists from the Han nationality and other countries like India and Nepal, becomes an elegant artwork with unique Tibetan art style. Tibetan carpet has a long history of 600 years and it entered the international market under the brand name of Tibetan Carpet. Human spiritual power, intelligence and diligence, as well as

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Shigatse Shops and Stores:

The Bezaar in the north of the city sell all kinds of daily necessity. Jiaxijiecai, a beautiful small village surrounded by lots of green trees, had built up a good reputation for its Tibetan handicrafts. Pottery pots, broadswords, water containers, as well as bracelets, Buddha figures, and necklaces of high quality are made and sold in the village, tourists can get the handicraft they want without difficulty here.

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