Baoduzhai Scenic Area

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Originally named as "Bishan", it was renamed as "Baodushan" during the period of Wei Dynasty. It got its present name later when the troops of Jin Kingdom stationed here.

Baoduzhai is a hill lying high and sole in the plain. To its east is the Hebei plain and to its west is the Taihang Mountain. The four sides of the hill are sheer cliffs and the only two ways to the top are in the northern side and the southern side of the hill. Baodushan is in a strategic and advantageous position to defend, so it has been a place of combats and wars in history.  It was the ancient battlefield where General Hanxin and his troops combated with the troops of Xiangyu in Han Dynasty. Seen from afar, Baoduzhai Hill looks like a sleeping Buddha with recognizable eyes and eyebrows.   The famous Taoist Zhang Shanfeng once lived in the hill and has left behind Taoism culture in the place.

The top of Baodushan Hill is flat and is about 600 mu (Mu is an area measuring unit in China) in area. The soil is fertile and the layer of soil is about 60 meters thick. With beautiful landscape, the top of the hill boasts numerous ancient relics, such as Jinque Palace, Luohan Temple, Jiulong (nine-dragon) Wall, Street in the Heaven, Immortal's Cave, Hanxin Temple, and Defending Walls.

Baodushan has rich cultural heritages and is a place influenced both by Taoism and Buddhism. There are many Buddhism carvings, inscriptions and steles. The inscriptions and steles record some famous poems and stories. The poem titled Bishan written by Yuan Haowen in Yuan Dynasty and the poem titled Seeing Baodushan Afar written by Wang Shilu are the most famous. They also records some of the ancient people's activities, such as praying for rain,watching the-sun-rising, traveling, banqueting and etc.

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How to Get There?
Take bus No. 205 at the west suburb of Shijiazhuang City to get there.

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Opening Hours:
9:00 am —16:00 pm

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1. Transportation in the spot: A ropeway connects Xinyuan, Lianhua and Baoduzhai. It is 1800 meters long and its highest point is about 271 meters from the ground. 2. Accommodation:Baodu Hotel provides accommodation for travelers.

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