Mount Cangyanshan

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Mount Cangyanshan, reputed as “most peculiar peak in the Taihangshan Ranges”, is in its eastern part. It boasts off beautiful natural scenery, vertical cliffs, tall cypress trees, murmuring streams, and pretty pavilions and pagodas. It is quiet and isolated.

There are many temples worth mentioning. Qiaoloudian Temple is one of the three hanging temples in China (the hanging temples are built on some vertical cliff supported by wooden posts). The Princess temple is the place where the princess of Emperor Yang in Sui Dynasty practiced Buddhism as a Buddhist nun. There are many other temples with beautiful construction, such as Fuqing Temple, Sleeping Buddha Statue Temple, Longyan Temple and Shigu Temple.

Mount Cangyanshan is the one of the main settings in the film Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon directed by the famous director An Li and was awarded four Oscar titles in the 73th Oscar awards.

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How to Get There?
Firstly go through Shitai (Shjiazhuang to Taiyuan) expressway, get out of it at the Canyanshan exit, and then follow the tourism highway to the spot.

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1. The best time for touring: summer is the best time for touring when the weather is favorable. 2. food:Canyan Hotel provides good food and beverage for guests. 3. Accommodation:Mount Canyanshan is a summer resort and hotels are available.

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