Shitou Village

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As the its name suggests, the village is famous for different kinds of stone houses. In total there are 4000 stone houses, most of which were built in the period of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Generally, there are some guava trees and some oddly-shaped rocks in a courtyard of a house.   The most representative stone house is a compound with houses around courtyard. built in the reign of Emperor Tianqi in Ming Dynasty, the compound has more than 100 rooms and occupies an area of 2 mu (a unit of area).  It is just like a palace.

It is said that all the villagers of Stone Village are the descendents of Yu Qian, a minister in Ming Dynasty. A legend has it that all his family members and close relatives took refuge in this remote place when Yu Qian was persecuted to death. They didn’t have much communication with the outside world and ancient folkways and customs still remain in the village.

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Take long-distance bus to get to the village from Shijiazhuang city. For return trip, take bus of 6:00 am or 1:00 pm at the village back to the city. For visitors driving car by themselves, they can first get to Jingxing County town by Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan Expressway, and then to the village.

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all day long

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