Tuoliangshan Mountain

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The main peak of the Tuoliangshan Mountain is 2281 high above sea level, which marks  the border of three counties, Pinghshan county, Fuping county of Hebei, and Wutai county of Shanxi Province. It is 45 kilometers away from the Wutai county town. The mountain is a scenic area with combination of different landscapes, including forests and grassland. It is a good place for tourists, holidaymakers, and scientific researcher.  It is also a good summer resort.

The forest coverage in the Tuoliangshan is 96%.  Dense virgin forest covers the whole mountain and different trees are vertically distributed. Above 2000 meters grassland can be found.  Another attraction is the hundreds of waterfalls, which have different forms, narrow or wide, long or short, large or small. The scene of “icy waterfall and blooming red flowers in June” always make the visitors stay and forget to return home.

It is cool even in summer in the Tuoliangshan. The average temperature at the foot of the mountain in summer is 19℃ or so. Thick forests make the mountain a “natural oxygen bar”. The cool weather and the fresh air makes the mountain a good summer resort for city residents. As tourists, they can not only enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes and breathe fresh air, but also have a “taste” of the simple folkways.

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How to Get There?
Go along the Shitai (Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan) expressway and drive off at Shiqing exit. Then go along the Shiyan highway to Changyuling. From Changyuling go northward to Sujiazhuang, Xiahuai and Xiaojue. From Xiaojue, go along the tourism road to the spot. Tourists can also take bus in Beizhan Bus Station to get there.

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whole day

More Tips:
1. the best time to there:All the seasons there manifest different views, summer being the best time. 2.food:Visitors can eat the natural green food there and taste farmers’ meal. 3. accommodation:There are a dozen of hotels.

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