Wuyuezhai Scenic Area

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Wuyuezhai (Five-peak) is named after the five peaks standing shoulder by shoulder and it is endowed with the scenes representative of the five greatest mountains in China (the five greatest mountains: Mount Tai, Mount Hua, Mount Song, Mount Heng in north China, Mount Heng in south China).  In 2000, it was officially approved as a national forest park by the National Forestry Bureau.

Wuyuezhai Scenic Area is a part of the Manshan Natural Reserve of Hebei province. It has abundant natural resources, especially animals and plants. For plants, there are plants under national protection, namely membranous milk vetch and acanthopanacis senticosi. Visitors can enjoy the odd rocks, grand waterfalls, diverse ecological scenes, and humanistic scenes. They can find the first waterfall in Hebei province. they can also experience the scene of “snow in May and ice in June”.

Wuyuezhai Scenic Area is composed of six scenic spots, namely Main Peak Scenic Spot, Yinghe Canyon Scenic Spot, Tongyue Canyon Scenic Spot, Wuqu Stream Scenic Spot, Lingxiao Scenic Spot and Tuoliang Scenic Spot. In total there are more than one hundred sights of interest.  Well-preserved ecological system and humanistic sights exist harmoniously. 

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There are two optional routes to the scenic spot from Shijiazhuang and both take about 2 hours. The first route: take a bus at either Shijiazhuang Bus Station or Yunheqiao Bus Station. It will pass Zhengding county and Lingshou county town. The second route: take a bus at Keyunbeizhan Bus Station. It will pass Baichigan and Lingshou county town.

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1. the best time to visit there:Summer is the best time for visitors with mild weather and fresh air. 2. food:The restaurants in the hotels can provide good meal as well as snacks of local flavor. There are different kinds of green food, such as mushroom, egg, brake, citron daylily, and etc. 3. accommodation:There are 60 hotels of different standards, which can meet the requirements of different visitors.

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