Xibaipo Memorial

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The Xibaipo Memorial Museum is spread over an area of 13,400 square meters and was opened to public on 26th May, 1978. The museum is built on a hillside and has been divided into two different levels. It is characterized structurally by beautiful courtyards that surround the corridors. Inside the museum are exhibitions using advanced video and audio technologies for demonstrating the repercussions and significance of Xibaipo. 

Highlights of the Xibaipo Memorial

The Xibaipo Memorial is built along a mountain side and includes two compounds. Each compound is surrounded by various corridors. 

The halls 

The memorial museum includes 12 different exhibition halls: Hope Hall, Unforgettable Years Hall, the hall showcasing the plans for New China, the hall of 16th CPC Committee and 2nd plenipotentiary session, the People’s and Soldiers’ Hall, Three Military Campaign, the hall showcasing the wars in Hebei Province and Shanxi Province, Hall for Abolishing Feudalism, Xibaipo Village Hall and the Introduction Hall. All together there are more than 2000 items displayed in the museum. 140 of these items are class 3 and above revolutionary relics. 

The history 

The Xibaipo Memorial is the memorial dedicated to Chinese revolutionary sites. It is located in North China in Pengshan of Hebei Province. Xibaipo had been the last ever village headquarters for CCP or the Chinese Community Party as well as the Liberation Army in the Chinese Civil War. The name of the village is engraed forever on the monument of the Liberation War as well as the Republic’s footstone. 

The displays

The memorial had been built in 1977 and it was opened up to the public on 26th May, 1978 on the 30th anniversary of CCP establishing the base in Xibaipo. The Hebei and central governments have appropriated 20 million for renovating the memorial since 2002. An opening ceremony had been held on 20th June, 2004 for the newly renovated memorial covering an area of 6,100 square meters. It has been a very well received attraction and has modern advanced technology integrated in its exhibitions to integrate educational and ideological transference along with artistic design.

The features 

The Xibaipo Memorial is centered along the theme of the New China Stemming from that location. It is known to have a few great features, as listed below:

The memorial has a wide range of displays and they have been arranged in line with special topics and chronological order to systematically introduce the contributions made by CCP central committee and Central Labor Committee for founding New China. 

The memorial also highlights 4 important displays of Group Relief, the Two Musts Relief Wall, the Long Corridor of Telegraph and Three Great Campaigns hall.

The memorial showcases the spirit of the revolutionists of older generation by showcasing their revolutionary practices. 

It has been designed to be visitor friendly when it comes to the display and design of the exhibitions. 

The internal environment has been harmoniously designed according to its surroundings. 

The memorial stands out through preservation of the unique architectural features and folk cultures of Xibaipo. 

It displays various different exhibit styles, making reasonable use of modern technology. 

The Xibaipo Memorial is a very interesting tourist attraction and a great museum for anyone to visit. It had also won a special price in 2004 for the National Top Ten Museums. 

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The Xibaipo Memorial is located 80 km from Shijiazhuang in Pingshan, Hebei Province. 

How to Get There?

Buses to Xibaipo can be found at the Shijiazhuang Bus Station. If driving, take the Shiyan Highway to reach Changyuling and then the Xibaipo highway to reach Sujiazhuang Village. Highway 207 will then take you to Xibaipo.

Ticket Price:

50 CNY

Opening Hours:

8:00 to 22:00

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