Zhangshiyan Scenic Spot

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The Zhangshiyan Scenic Area is situated in Zanhuang County in the Hebei Province. This beautiful spot is located 100 km from the Shijiazhuang City.
The area is a range of beautiful mountains and the peaks are rising in a magnificent panorama. Greenery covers the foot and the top of the mountains. The north has imposing mountains. The entire landscape depicts serenity, beauty, precipice, miracle and magnificence. Huangannao is the highest peak at 1,774 meters tall. 

Highlights of the Zhangshiyan Scenic Area

The Zhangshiyan Scenic Area is a magnificent and beautiful place to visit almost any time of the year. During the winters you can enjoy icicles dripping water, the autumn foliage sends a rain of red leaves, in summers there are waterfalls to be enjoyed along with the bright blue sky while the spring brings in beautiful flowers and the sweet songs of birds.

The four sections 

There are four independent sections in the Zhangshiyan Scenic Area: Donglingbei, Zhihutao, Yuantong Temple and Jiunyfeng. The major attractions here are the red cliffs and red rocks, steles, temples, waterfalls and springs. Camel Rock, Cloud Paviliion, Jiunyfeng Peak and the Shirenzhai village are the best places to enjoy the beauty of mists and clouds. Camel Rock, Sanzhan, Bijia Peak and the Xianren Peak are the best places to enjoy beautiful mirages.

The cliffs 

The peaks and ridges in Zhangshiyan Scenic Area are beautiful and magnificent. The great fault third grade cliffs are majestic and very precipitous.  The precipices and peaks each have distinct characteristics. In all there are about 36 precipices and 72 mountains in the area. Natural echo is a miraculous and spellbinding precipice. Throughout the country, it has the number one articulation and is very rare to be found anywhere in the world. 

The ridges 

The masterpiece of nature in this area is the valley and two ridges which make the complete set. All together there are 24 sets in the Zhangshiyan Scenic Area. The smaller ones seem to be delicate while the larger ones are grandiose. There are innumerable valleys, mountains and deep woods. Strange stones can be found everywhere with spring water pouring down at various places. 

Springs and ponds 

Zhangshiyan Scenic Area is also home to various springs and ponds which finely contrast with one another. The streams and waterfalls are connected perfectly. The area mainly has 5 waterfalls, 10 springs, 2 lakes and 3 ponds. The three ponds are called Fishing Terrace, Small Dragon and Black Dragon. There are also two artificial lakes called the Tamed Dragon and Crescent Moon. Tianchi Pond, Xianren Pond and Zhangnan Pond are some of the ponds to be found in the area. 
Every spring has its own distinct features. Some of them flow out from the cliffs, making them look like white ribbons while others eject from the ground like precious beads. Some of them drop down from cliffs. All of these flow from the cliff outlets from a height and form three layers of beautiful waterfalls called Water Curtain Waterfall, Double Waterfall, Zhangyan, Cloud Cliff and Jade Waterfall. All of these are a natural phenomenon. The area is also home to a huge range of animals and birds such as grand black butterfly, badger, deer, roe deer, river deer, turtle dove and black stork.
There is a sea of soft clouds and beautiful rainbows that can often be spotted in Zhangshiyan Scenic Area.

Solo Adventure Tips:


100 km from Shijiazhuang City, Zanhuang County, Hebei Province

How to Get There?

The long distance Shijiazhuang bus station has several buses that run to Zhangshiyan each day. Buses can also be found near the railway station in Shijiazhuang. 

Ticket Price:

50 CNY

Opening Hours:


More Tips:
generally it is colder inside the scenic area than outside, visitor would better take extra clothes.

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