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Shijiazhuang Travel Guide

Shijiazhuang is the capital of Hebeing Province and is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of this province. It is also an important provincial industrial base and one of the national cotton textile bases. The cotton textile industry is rapidly developing in this province. Lying at the intersection of three main railways of China and with highway network connecting to Beijing, Taiyuan, Cangzhou and etc., it is undoubtedly an important transportation hub.

The long-standing central-China culture has left behind humanistic relics here. The national historic and cultural city Zhengding is famous for its "nine pavilions, four pagodas, eight temples, and twenty-four golden memorial archways". The provincial historic and cultural city Zhao County is famous for the oldest and well-preserved stone arch bridge Zhaozhou Bridge, reputed as "the first bridge under the heaven". And the first village of folk-custom tourism; the famous patriotic education base Xibaipo Village.

Mother Nature has created many beautiful natural and magical scenes here: the Cangyan Mountain known for its natural scenery and humanistic sights; the Tianzhu Mountain known as "the northern Guilin in China"; Wuyuezhai national forest park; and numerous other resorts and provincial forest parks.

Tourism industry in Shijiazhuang City is well developed. Several places of interest have been included in the Guinness World Records. For example, the largest Chinese character inscription Gui (Gui means "returning home" in Chinese) measuring 97.7 meters high and 49 meters wide, commemorating the historic event of Hong Kong's return to its motherland. Another example is the decorated archway carved with 1999 mascots, built by the local villager in Pinshan County to commemorate the return of Macao in 1999 and arrival of the new millennium.

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Shijiazhuang Transport

Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital of Hebei Province, has a comprehensive transport hub. Travelers can reach Shijiazhuang by air, train,and coach. Shijiahzhuang also has a fast and convenient city transport system in the downtown. By Air Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport is located in the Northeast

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