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Shijiazhuang Food

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Shijiazhuang Featured Food:

Eight Immortals On The Snowy Zhaozhou Bridge

There is a well-prepared special dish in Shijiazhuang, Eight Immortals on the Snowy Zhaozhou Bridge. The way of cooking it is as follows: make a “bridge” with cucumbers or white gourds and  egg-white pastes, steam it to make it steady in shape; the eight materials representing the “eight immortals” are pear, orange, radish, cherry, greengage, longan, grape, and white fungus; these materials are put on or beside the “bridge”; finally, pour soup on the “bridge”.  This dish looks beautiful, and tastes sweet.

Cucumber Dishes

Cucumber dishes, created by the cook in Yanchuan Restaurant according to a legend in history, are well-known local dishes. There are eight cold dishes and 12 hot dishes, with cucumbers as the main material for all the dishes. The first cold dish is named as “Green Dragons Sleeping on Snowy Field” , the ‘snowy field’ being sugar. The other cold dishes have different tastes, sweet, hot, salty, sour, crispy, and etc., with different colors.   The twelve hot dishes are sea cucumber with ‘pearls’, cucumber bars with ‘dragon beard’, cucumber slices with fish, cucumber and chicken, hooked ‘emerald’,  fried cucumber with Chinese date, ‘two -dragon playing with a ball’, ‘phoenix tail’, ‘cucumber cup’, silvery cucumber, golden cucumber, and ‘cucumber coat’. All of the dishes are colorful and tasty.

Gaocheng Noodle

Gaocheng noodle is made of flour of good quality with good edible oil and salt. The noodle is thin, hollow, shiny, white, and even in size. It is served with soup and tastes great. And it can be taken as main food or a dish. It is good for patients and pregnant women. Because it is hand-made, it can be cooked longer without being broken. And it is also very nutritious. It has gain popularity both in domestic and international market. It has been sold to many cities like Hong Kong, Macao, and further to many countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and other countries.

Braised Chicken Of Hui People

Braised chicken of Hui people look like a sleeping chick and is golden in color. Its meat is tender and tasty. The meat and bone can be easily separated. And the braised chicken is easy to carry along over a long distance without being broken apart. It is a representative delicacy of Shijiazhuang and has been ranked as the “Good-quality Product of Hebei Province” successively ever since 1980.

Little White Dragon Crossing The River

The way of cooking the dish is complex. The main material is crucian (a kind of fish). Put a cleaned crucian into hot water, scale it, and then cut into the back of the fish slightly. Put shallot and ginger pieces into the hot oil and fry them for a moment. Pour the mixture of milk and soup into the pot and put other sauces into it. The next step is to put the fish and some dried scallop into the pot with the boiling soup, and stew them. Lastly, add egg white into the soup and make it into “small dragons” swimming in the soup.