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Cucumber Dishes

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/18

Cucumber dishes, created by the cook in Yanchuan Restaurant according to a legend in history, are well-known local dishes. There are eight cold dishes and 12 hot dishes, with cucumbers as the main material for all the dishes. The first cold dish is named as “Green Dragons Sleeping on Snowy Field” , the ‘snowy field’ being sugar. The other cold dishes have different tastes, sweet, hot, salty, sour, crispy, and etc., with different colors.   The twelve hot dishes are sea cucumber with ‘pearls’, cucumber bars with ‘dragon beard’, cucumber slices with fish, cucumber and chicken, hooked ‘emerald’,  fried cucumber with Chinese date, ‘two -dragon playing with a ball’, ‘phoenix tail’, ‘cucumber cup’, silvery cucumber, golden cucumber, and ‘cucumber coat’. All of the dishes are colorful and tasty.