Jurong Bird Park

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Jurong Bird Park is a large man-made bird park in Singapore. It lies 40 kilometers (about 24.85 miles) west of downtown Singapore and covers an area of 0.20 square kilometers (20 hectares). The park was officially open to tourists in 1971 and features 95 bird houses, 10 movement places, 6 pools, and a large open-air square for birds and bird performances twice a day. About 8,500 birds of 360 species from tropical, freezing, desert, moor, ocean, and high mountain zones live here. The various birds in Jurong Bird Park include giant ostriches from Africa, tiny colorful hummingbirds from the Caribbean, birds from Southeast Asia, flamingoes from Spain, robins from Beijing, cassowaries from Guinea, rheas from Brazil, brightly-colored birds from the tropics, and penguins from the South Pole which is a world of snow and ice. As such, Jurong Bird Park deserves the name “Kingdom of Birds” and is also one of the few huge bird parks in the world. Asphalt roads in Jurong Bird Park extend in all directions; weary visitors can take a chairlift or a mini coach that shuttles over the entire park.

The House for Rare Birds from Southeast Asia is the habitat for all the unusual and endangered birds in Southeast Asia. The house for chocobo birds here is the second largest in the world, and more than 1200 birds fly freely in the sky. The “Penguin Palace” is also the second largest in the world where visitors can appreciate the clumsy but lovable penguins swimming in the water and eating their meals. At the call of the bird trainer, huge eagles and owls swoop down like flying generals. They come to the bird trainer who stands in the open-air arena in the forest hundreds of meters away. Also at the direction of the bird trainer, various kinds of parrots can speak English words such as “hello,” “goodbye,” and so on. What’s more, they can show their great talent in imitation by mimicking the sounds of dogs, cats, and roosters. Moreover, a man-made waterfall 30.4 meters high dominates the park with water that thunders beautifully and splendidly, full of power and grandeur.

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How to Get There?
Take the subway and get off at the Boon Lay Station EW27, then take bus 194 or 251.

Ticket Price:
Adult: 12 Singapore dollars

Opening Hours:
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

More Tips:

Recommended time: It takes about half a day to enjoy Jurong Bird Park.

Time for the birds’ performance: Fuji World of Hawks: 10:00 am every day

Hornbill Chit Chat: 11:45 am every day King of the Skies: 4:00 pm every day

All Star Bird Show: 11:00 am and 3:00 pm every day

The Wonderful World of Birds: noon, 1:00 pm, and 2:00 pm every day

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