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Most of Singapore’s population is Chinese. However, there is also a substantial Indian population in the country, especially in the colorful Little India neighborhood. This is an area as unique as the China Town Street. Brightly-colored saris fly in the gentle breeze, Indian women with painted red spots between their eyebrows for good luck meander the streets, and various kinds of incense make the air smell fragrant. Bathed in wreathing incense smoke, visitors can hear nothing but the calming Buddhist sounds.

Little India situates itself to the northeast of China Town Food Street (Bullock-cart Water Street). It is relatively far from the subway station, so the transportation methods nearby are not as convenient as other areas. Most of the inhabitants here came from southern India in 1820. Because people tend to adhere to their cultural traditions and roots, this neighborhood is one of the strongest in cultural atmosphere in Singapore. Visitors are usually impressed by the area’s distinct features such as the colorful garlands for god worshiping, beautiful and graceful girls wearing saris, fragrances emitting from all kinds of incense, and the hum of unique Indian music.

On Seragoon Road, your nose can be your guide because the air here is full of the aromas of Indian incense and Indian food. Here, there can be found anything you enjoy about India, such as a pair of Indian or straw sandals, the latest issue of India Today, new Indian movies, Indian music cassettes, a portrait of your favorite Indian god, and so much more.

Deepavali, one of the most important festivals in India, takes place every November. Hawkers and sellers gather in Little India amidst much hustle and bustle and festivities. The rest of the year, there still many visitors who come to explore the mysterious Hindu temples and explore the taste of traditional Indian food, such as the special cuisine of the Banana Leaf Apolo Restaurant, curry fish head, and the Northern Indian cuisine at the Delhi Restaurant. In addition, Indian fast food restaurants, particularly on Running Horse Road or Serangoon Road, are also quite popular among visitors and the young people. It is recommended to spend at least a whole morning or entire afternoon on a visit to Little India, which can be accessed by taking the subway to the nearest station, then slowly traveling north along Serangoon Road on foot.

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