Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Singapore Botanic Gardens, famous for its research and collection of tropical plants and gardening flowers, covers an area of 54 hectares. There are more than 20,000 kinds of tropical and semitropical flowers and trees, all of which are rare and precious. These plants can be divided into many types, including tropical and semitropical aiphylliums, bushes, rattans, palm trees, bamboo, aquatic plants, helophytes, parasitic plants, desert plants, and many more. The tropical jungles, blossoming garden, and greenhouse in Singapore Botanic Gardens together cover an area of about 4 hectares, creating a very refreshing atmosphere. Scenic spots such as Palm Valley, Eco-Lake, and the open-air concert hall by Symphony Lake are all popular, as well as a library in which tens of thousands of books are collected, and a herbarium with about 500,000 herbaria of various kinds. In the National Orchid Garden, which is built in the Victorian style, there are over 12,000 precious orchids, among which are the famous national flower of Singapore—Vanda Miss Joaquim—and well-known orchids from Australia.

Also in Singapore Botanic Gardens, there is a square garden planted with hedgerows and decorated with a round fountain. On the northern slope lies a piece of grassland, on which a flower bell is placed. The flower bell is made of foliage plants of different colors and exquisitely and carefully designed. In addition, the botanic garden hosts a natural forest that covers about 4 hectares.

However, the most unique and attractive plants in Singapore Botanic Gardens are the orchids. Flower nurseries and research institutes exist especially for orchids and the garden features thousands of orchids of more than 250 species. The main species are cymbidium, the Moth orchid, paphiopedilum, dendrobium, and more. As well, there are some hybrids and commercial kinds. Yet, the most precious orchid planted here is the Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower. The flower is 7 centimeters long and 6.5 centimeters wide. On the light claret-colored petals are dark claret-colored dots. The central part of the bloom is dark rosy with orange floral tubes. This kind of orchid can blossom all year round, bright and beautiful. Even in the harshest of environments, Vanda Miss Joaquim can still blossom. Every year, there is an orchid exhibition in Singapore Botanic Gardens, attracting thousands of visitors from home and abroad.

Lastly, in Singapore Botanic Gardens, there is the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden which is the first garden for children in Asia. Parents can bring their children here to start a garden exploring journey and thus inspire a strong interest in nature and the life sciences. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden aims to encourage young people to love and cherish plants, nature, and environment. Adhering to the thesis that “All Life On Earth Depends on Plants,” the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden offers many fascinating exhibits where children over 12 years old can find out how plants provide them with what they need.

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How to Get There?
Take the subway and get off at the Orchard/N Station. Then, take bus 7, 105, 106, or 123 at Orchard Boulevard.

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Visitors can enter Singapore Botanic Gardens free of charge.

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(Singapore Botanic Gardens): 5:00 am - midnight, and (National Orchid Garden): 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

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