Singapore Night Safari

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Singapore Night Safari is the first wildlife zoo in the world for guests to visit at night. It is different from ordinary wildlife zoos which have lights at night, and also different from modern night animal museums found in many zoos in the world. Singapore Night Safari is situated in a lavish secondary forest covering an area of 40 hectares and hosts more than 1200 nocturnal animals of 110 species where visitors can see a multitude of extremely rare birds and strange animals wandering freely in the natural forest, providing an experience unlike any other. Taking advantage of advanced lighting techniques, more than 100 kinds of night animals can be seen in their large natural habitat. There are thousands of night animals, all with different appearances and movements.

At night, visitors can interact with an Indian Rhinocerous (also known as the Asian One-horned Rhinoceros) face to face, hear the howl of the aardwolf from a distance, or just calmly watch a giraffe walking in the quiet open field enveloped in darkness. The night safari is divided into 8 sections, which include the Southeast Asian Rainforest, African Savanna, Nepalese River Valley, South American Pampas, Burmese Jungles, and more. At night, tigers, lions, wolves, and other animals that do not typically seem very lively and energetic, become the masters of the land and nature. Guests can choose to take the trolleybus with a guide, or walk in the beautiful jungle surrounded by the cool night scenery.

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