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Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia located at the south end of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Malacca Strait. It is also city-state and faces Indonesia across the Malacca Strait, and Malaysia across the Johore Strait. A long bridge connects Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore is famous for its cleanliness and gorgeous landscapes where plants remain green all year round and gardens with many trees are established abundantly. There is little farmland and most of the population lives in the cities. The cities are clean and decorated with a variety of trees and flowers, which is how the country got its name of “Garden City.” Singapore is also rich in natural resources such as tropical rainforests, and the Singaporean government has issued a number of policies to advocate afforestation for the preservation of its precious nature. As a result, Singapore has diverse sceneries of skyscrapers as well as green trees and vibrant flowers. With over 850,000 plants throughout the island and 4868 hectares of gardens, Singaporeans enjoy basking in the beauty of stunning country.

On both sides of the streets in Singapore are trees creating cool shades, little gardens scattered intermittently, and flowers blooming among the grass. All of these details make the country a green, clean, and beautiful garden city. There are a variety of flowers in Singapore, among which the most famous is the orchid, the national flower. Due to careful nurture, the orchids are bright in color and fragrant in smell, leaving a deep impression on visitors. Another kind of flower, the bougainvillea, can be seen everywhere, even the telegraph poles are decorated with them. Scarlet or purple blossoms stick to the stretching leaves, waving freely in the gentle breeze. Due to its strong vitality, bougainvilleas can grow everywhere even without direct care by people.

Every year, Singapore has a “Planting Week” where the number of trees to be planted and where the trees are to be planted are fixed ahead of time. The activity is part of the government’s “Garden City” plan, and the planned afforestation is a large contributory force to the country’s beautiful scenery. Also highly effective is the initiative of rubbish collecting. As a result, standing out from other tropical countries, mosquitoes and other insects are seldom seen in Singapore. What visitors can expect to see in Singapore are clean and azure blue skies, carefully arranged trees and flowers, churches architected in unique style, many sculptures and fountains, and more. These are the elements that make most visits to Singapore a pleasant and unforgettable one.

Entertainment in Singapore is colorful and inspired by Chinese classical music, the performance of traditional Chinese operas, and the concerts of world class orchestras. Sports fans can show their talents on the golf courses, the tennis courts, and swimming pools, as well as enjoy horse racing events. At the East Coast Park and on the Kallang River, swimming, water-skiing, and boating can be enjoyed. Bathing in the warm tropical sea water is also a top activity. At the Singapore Turf Club in Grange, visitors can interact in the audience for a nervous but exciting time. Finally, after a vigorous round of sports such as cricket, tennis, and golf, a hot spring spa, sauna, or feet massage can bring even the most competitive athletes back to relaxation.

When night comes, various entertainment venues are popular with visitors. Numerous discos and nightclubs featuring wonderful singing and dancing performances make the Singaporean night dynamic and energetic. In theatre canteens and some night clubs, meals are served simultaneously as actors from Hong Kong or Taiwan perform on stage, as well as some singing and dancing performances in the USA Las Vegas style, such that visitors can enjoy themselves both visually and acoustically. In some dinner party theatres such as the “Night of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)” in the Meritus Mandarin Hotel and the cultural performances in the State Guest International Hotel, guests can appreciate dances flush with the romantic moods of Singapore. Beautiful barmaids fill nearly all the nightclubs, providing intimate and considerate services for their guests. On the bustling Orchard Road, every discotheque has its own theme and decoration design style. Whether the club is of an avant-garde or antique flavor, guests can dance and party to the most popular hit songs. Along Singapore River, there are Boat Quay, Clarke Quay (where there is a wonderful program called “Adventurous Ride”), and Robson Quay, which are perfect places for to hold a relaxing party at night. At dusk, intoxicating jazz, classical rock and roll, western pop, and more can be heard from the inns along the riverbanks making the entire river seem like a fancy other world filled with music and lights.

Singapore Travel Ideas

Singapore Food

One of the most attractive elements of Singapore is the gastronomy that brings visitors from all over the world. In addition to the traditional food of the three major ethnic groupsChinese, Malaysian, and Indianthere are dishes of many European styles, such as French, Italian, British, and many more

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Singapore Transport

External Transport Flights: Singapore Airlines and some major foreign airlines all have flight from Singapore to the major cities and districts in other countries. In terms of China, Singapore Airlines has flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Kunming, and Qingdao. The

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Singapore Restaurants

There is a large variety of traditional Asian food in Singapore. The country is a multi-national one in which the cultural diversity is reflected by the different styles of cuisine available, such as Malaysian and Indian food. In Singapore, all kinds of delicious dishes unique to Southeast Asia can

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Singapore weather

Singapore is located 136 kilometers (about 84.5 miles) north of the equator. This means Singapore is in the tropical zone, with the temperatures ranging from 24C to 34C. The countrys climate belongs to the tropical maritime climate, with high temperatures and sufficient rainfall. There are no obviou

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