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Singapore Weather

Last updated by jenifer f at 2017/5/19

Singapore is located 136 kilometers (about 84.5 miles) north of the equator. This means Singapore is in the tropical zone, with the temperatures ranging from 24°C to 34°C. The country’s climate belongs to the tropical maritime climate, with high temperatures and sufficient rainfall. There are no obvious changes of seasons, and the coldest month is January. The daily range of temperature is slight; the average temperature decrease from noon to night is 31°C to 24°C. Differing from other countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore does not have an obvious dry season and rainy season, though Singaporeans are used to calling the period from November to January the rainy season. However, the rest of the year, it can rain for about one or two hours at times. The annual average rainfall amounts to about 2400 millimeters. Because the weather in Singapore does not change much year round, visitors can comfortably travel to Singapore at any time which only contributes to the country’s charms.