Kongshen Short Skirt Miao Village

Kongshen Short Skirt Miao Village is located 94 kilometers away from Rongjiang County of Southeast Guizhou. In China, Miao Ethnic Minority is divided into Long Skirt Miao, Short Skirt Miao, Red Miao and Black Miao according to their different costumes. The girls and women of Kongshen Short Shirt Miao Village wear five-inch-long short shirts all the year round. It is the earliest known culture to have females wear miniskirts. This was in reference to the short miniskirts "that barely cover the buttocks" worn by women of the tribe, and which were "probably shocking" to Han people in medieval and early modern times.

Kongshen is pronounced as Ouxi in Miao dialect, meaning limpid stream. The whole village is built against the mountain, surrounded by luxuriant forest, with a crystal-clean stream wandering through. Row upon row of houses are in close order. All the houses are made by wood. The village suffer a lot from conflagrations, even had ever been reduced to ashes. Therefore the villagers set their granaries and livestock houses far away from their living houses, which can reduce the lost in case there is a fire. The villagers are simple and honest who even have no concept of burglary and there is almost no burglarproof measure.

Short Skirt Miao Girls and women here wear black blouse with acid blue short sleeves and 5-inch-long short skirts with an embroidered apron covering from the waist to the ankles. They usually wear ten short skirts during festivals, one covering another, the most can reaching to 20. They are topped with black and pyramid-shaped headgears, and bedecked with three to five necklaces. There is an unwritten rule in the village: men walk in the front of women while waking uphill and at the back while walking downhill. Why? Just think a while, you will certainly understand. That is because all the women wear short skirts.

The most interesting and grandest festival of the village is the annually Miaoren Festival (Thatch-made Puppet Festival).It is the Valentine’s Day of Kongshen Short Skirt Miao Village, held during the third month of Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is said that girls and boy of the same village can’t get married at past; therefore the girls have to marry people far away from their hometown, even their beloved is at the neighborhood. So they made thatch puppets to express their emotion of missing their beloved when they bake home to see their families during the third month of Chinese Lunar Calendar. Though this rule has been canceled, the festival has developed into a grand Valentine’s Day for people, regardless of their age, to express their love. There will be many parties during the festival, people making thatch puppets, singing, dancing and having picnics.

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94 kilometers away from Rongjiang County of Southeast Guizhou

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