Sanbao Dong Village

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Sanbao Dong Villages is located in Chejiang Township of Rongjiang County (a small county of Southeast Guizhou). It lies in the biggest intermountain basin of Southeast Guizhou with Douliujiang River (the largest river throughout Rongjiang County) passing by, boasting rich natural resources and beautiful scenery. Sanbao means “Three Treasures” in Chinese. Sanbao Dong Villages comprises of Sangbao Dong Village, Zhongbao Dong Village and Xiabao Dong Village, stretching over fifteen kilometers. It is the largest inhabiting region of Dong ethnic people in China. Besides the common characteristics of Dong villages, such as unspoiled natural environment, row upon row of wooden houses in close order, well preserved primitive ways of living (every family doing farming, hurting and weaving cloth), it features the largest group of ancient banyan trees in China and a lot of Drum Towers.

After entering the village gate inscribed with “Sanbao Dong Village” in Chinese, getting to the bank of Duliujiang River (the largest river throughout Rongjiang County), tourists will see a large group of age-old banyan trees stretching over one kilometer, which is rare even throughout the world. Most of them are over 300 years old, planted during the reign of Emperor Qinglong of Qing Dynasty. Their branches connect and their roots entwine with each other, which Is really marvelous. There is a pebble route passing by the banyan tree group, called “Flower Street” by villagers. At the end of the pebble street, there is a sculpture consisting of a man and a woman. The man is called Zhu Feng and the woman is Lang Mei. They are Romeo and Juliet of Xianghuang Dong Village.

As the largest inhabiting region of Dong ethnic people in China, Sanbao Dong Villages of course boast a lot of Drum Towers. Among them, Chezhai Drum Tower is the most famous. It was built in the three year of the Reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty (1877), with a history of over 130 years. It is 15 meters high, covering an area of 246 square meters. It is a miracle that the whole drum tower is built without a tiny nail or rivets to be stable and firm and weather over a hundred of years. Besides, there are nine Sama Temple in Sanbao Dong Villages (Sama is the goddess of Dong ethnic people).

When mention the delicacy of Sanbao Dong Village, the Preserved Fish in Dong Style should be on the top of the list. Every family make preserved fish by their unique recipe. It is really worth tasting.

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