Dongshan Zijin Nunnery

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Dongshan Zijin Nunnery, also known as Jin'an temple, was built in Tang Dynasty with a history of more than 1400 years. Sixteen painted sculpture arhats with vivied gestures and different faces make Zijin Nunnery a place special in the country. Jingyin Tang, behind Arhat Tang, was developed into an exhibition hall of cultural relics.

Tingsong Tang is a good place to enjoy a cup of tea, at the window of which you can hear the sound of billows of pine trees. People say that if there were two and a half halls of arhats, Zijin Nunnery can possess one hall. Statues of Arhat groups with sophisticated craftwork are representatives of Suzhou sculptures and colorful paintings in Qing Dynasty.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is on the way from Suzhou to the West Mountain, near the West Bridge.

How to Get There?

You can get on the bus No.502 to go directly to Dongshan or through the bus lines around the mountain.

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The time of the first bus is 5a.m.and the last one is about 6:30p.m

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