Lingyanshan Mountain

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Lingyanshan Mountain, located in the southwest of Suzhou, is 182 meters high. There are many rare stones which are like all kinds of things, such as a snake, a turtle, a rabbit, a drunken monk, a drum and so on. An ancient tower built in the Southern Song is standing on the mountain and becomes the symbol of Lingyanshan Mountain. However, the beauty of Lingyanshan Mountain is not mainly created by the ancient tower but by its location. It lies among the mountains and next to Taihu Lake. When you get halfway up the mountain, turn back and you will see the glinting water and lessening sails in the lake. When you get to the top of the mountain, look around and you will see the villages and fields below, mountains around and the Taihu Lake, a vast expanse of misty waters. The lake and the mountains add radiance and beauty to each other.

Therefore, Lingyanshan Mountain enjoys the fame that the beauty and unique of it find no match in the South China.

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It is located in Mudu, southwest of Suzhou city.

How to Get There?

You can take No.2, No.64, No.69, No. 511 or No. 512 bus to the foot of Lingyanshan Mountain.

Ticket Price:

Lingyanshan Mountain Museum:  10 RMB;      Lingyanshan Temple: 1 RMB.

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