Shigongshan Hill

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Shigongshan Hill,located in southeast corner of the Western Hills, is 49.8 m high. It got its name “Shigong” (old stone man) because it looks like an old man.
Cypress trees in Shigong Hill form a luxuriant evergreen wood. In Shigong Hill, beautiful mountain and water, secluded ravines and sparkling mountain streams, spectacular buildings and cultural relics together creat a clear and pretty landscape with endless interest. Shigongshan Hill has picturesque rocks, special stones, spectacular caves and marvelous sceneries. A seldom-seen spectacle is the lake lit by both moon and sun.  On the night of the 13th day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, you can see the sun setting on the water, and the moon rising on the lake.
Historically, Shigongshan Hill was a well-known tourist attraction. Since the Spring and Autumn Period, a number of tourists and celebrities have been there to admire it.


Solo Adventure Tips:


 It's located in Taihu Lake National Tourist Holiday in Xishan Town

How to Get There?

There is a special line through here from train station or take bus to Xishan direation from Wuzhong bus station.

Ticket Price:

 28 RMB

Opening Hours:

 Opening Time: 8:00----17:00

More Tips:

It's better for you to wear long trousers as you will walk along mountains. Avoiding being scratch by flowers and trees.

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