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Suzhou Transport

Last updated by chinatravel  at 2017/5/19

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has passenger sea route shuttling between Suzhou and Hangzhou. In Suzhou, you should buy tickets in Nanmen quay (No.8, Renmin Road) to board the boat; in Hangzhou, you should buy tickets and board the boat in Wulinmen quay (No.138, the north Huancheng Road). There is a boat setting off at 17:30 every day from Suzhou and Hangzhou respectively heading for each other city and arriving at the destination at 7:00 the next day.

Ticket Purchase: The booking office may pre-sell a steamer ticket to booking in addition to selling steamer ticket of that very day. In most cases, you can get a steamer ticket about two hours before the steamer leaves in common seasons. But you must book your ticket in advance in midseasons.

Inquiry phone number: 65206681

Regular ship: There are four regular ships heading for Suzhou and Hangzhou every day from the two cities, setting off at 17:30 or so and reaching each other city at about 6:00 of the next day. At present, the luxurious type of ship is administered to carry out the transportation task equipped with air-conditioner and double or four-person room. The food and drink accommodations are served in the ship. The embarkation time is 17:30 every day and you are supposed to board the ship 30 minutes in advance. The sail distance is 150.2 kilometers and it takes about 14 hours to finish the voyage between the two cities.

Quay: The new steamship quay is located 200 meters away from the east side of Nanmen Renmin Bridge and the north bank of Huancheng River. At present, the quay has been put into use. After the quay being out into use, the passengers between Suzhou and Hangzhou are to get on and off the ship here. The upper reach of the river is to open several traveling sea routes, like tourist line around the ancient city, Hanshan Temple, Toneli, Zhouzhuang etc. meanwhile, some new traveling lines are to be open to tourists in succession, such as Taihu Lake line and Yangchenghu Lake line. The passengers can take bus 1, 7, 101, 102, 513 (the former 13), 514 (the former 14), 16 and bus 28 in the city and get off at Renmin Bridge Station.