Chunyang Palace

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It was initially built in the later Song Dynasty (960-1279) for giving sacrifices to the Taoism supernatural being Lu Dongbin, so it also has a name of Luzu Temple. During the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), it was extended to its existing scale. Chunyang Palace is a five graded courtyard, integrates the style of temple and garden. There are various pavilions and kiosks. In front of the door, four three-floor wooden mills are very attractive for their unique styles and special colors. Luzu Temple is the main hall of Chunyang Palace, and it lies in the central of the courtyard. Three rooms of Luzu Temple are broad and square. So Luzu Temple is the most magnificent architecture in the palace. The style of the courtyard behind the hall is unique, it is said that it is built according to the directions of the Eight Diagrams, having obvious Taoism architecture characteristics. It is also the essence of the whole Chunyang Palace.

As the special department of Shanxi Museum, Chunyang Palace has more than twenty exhibition halls, which exhibit the essence of the cultural relics of Shanxi, such as chinaware, bronze ware, lacquer, enamel, stone sculpture, jade and wooden sculpture, Chinese calligraphy, painting, stone inscription and embroidery.

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take NO. 3, 4, 5 bus to get to Wuyi Square, then several minutes’s walk will take you there.

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Recommendatory Touring Time: one hour

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