Fenhe River Park

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Fenhe Park is a park that has the north garden styles and Fenhe culture. The total length of it is 6 kilometers and the width is 500 meters. Occupying an area of 300 hectare, Fenhe Park has a water area of 1,300,000 square meters and 1,300,000 square meters greenbelt. It is the largest and most integrated public greenbelt amusement park in Taiyuan currently. Meanwhile, it is the water storing beautification project of Fenhe River section. The complex riverbed is divided into the eastern channel and western channel by the middle wall. The eastern clear channel is 220 meters in width, being divided into three storing places by four rubber dams. The western feculent channel is 80 meters in width and evacuates flood from the upper reaches and the irrigation water of the reservoir. There are two hidden channels on each side of the western and eastern bank to admit the urban sewage and branch water, and then transmit them to the sewage farm to purify.

There are four theme squares, six natural scenery zones and seven sightseeing sites scatter along the square of the greenbelt of the park. Along “The Ancient Charms of Fenhe Square” in the western bank of Fenhe River, the figure of Taidai, the ancestor of the Fenhe People, is vivid. We can search for the origins of Fenhe River. On the “Aftersound of Liyuan Square”, the types of facial make-up in Peking opera are colorful and interesting, exhibiting the profound culture of dramas and traditional opera of Jin. The equipments for exercising in the “Five Rings Glitters Square” are complete, full of dynamics. Along the eastern side of Fenhe River, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of “The Late Ferry in Fenhe River”, which is one of the eight great scenery of the ancient Jinyang. “Yanqiu Scenic Spot” is built according to the old legend of Fenhe River. The famous verses of Yuanhaowen make this scenery more charming and graceful. The “Sands and Clear Water”, “Swimming Pool”, “Fishing Pool” and “Painting Boat” are full of modern sports characteristics. Moreover, there are many other scenic spots such as “Sunny Platform”, “The Seventh Pavilion”, “Ferry Crossing”, “Happy Altar” and others. The floating yachts on the surface of the lake and the touring buses shutter freely to deliver visitors to every scenic spot. Every square with steps all equipped with no-barrier passages. The European style shops scatter averagely, making visitors feel convenient and easy.

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take NO. 39 bus to get to

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the best touring time for Taiyuan Fenhe Park is summer, generally June to September.

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