Shanxi Province Museum

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As the center of cultural relics’ collection, preservation, research and exhibition,  Shanxi Museum centralizes as many as over 200,000 valuable collections.


“The soul of the Jin Dynasty” is the theme of the museum, which is made up of seven historic themes (including “Cradle of Civilization”, “Trace of Merchants in Xia Dynasty”, “Kingdom of Jin”, “Multi-Nationalities”, “Ancient Buddhism”, “Hometown of Operas”, “Merchants in Ming and Qing dynasties”) and five art themes (including “Architecture Chapter”, “Mountains and Water” ,“Chinese Painting Art with Water ink”, “Squareness and Rotundity” and “China Art”), reflecting the most splendid section of Jin culture in Chinese history.


Heritages and cultural relics in the age of New Stone, period of Shang, Zhou and Jin dynasties are exhibited here. Besides, local potteries, stone statues and lots of merchants’ stuffs in Jin, Tri-Jin, Beichao, Ming and Qing dynasties are also attractions.



Shadowgraph is one kind of traditional folk opera art in ancient China. In order to remove the distance between audience and the shadowgraph, the museum has invited the shadowgraph artists to perform on the museum stage. people who are interested in it could participate so that they could feel the real fun of the folk art.

Stone ware Forging

Human beings had kept using stone wares for a long time. Though the stone wares look simple, they are full of historical value. The audience could get to know and even participate in the manufacturing procedures of the stone wares.

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bus: Line865 (destination is the Shanxi Museum)

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9am to 5pm

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