Tianlongshan Grottos

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Tianlong Mountain is also called Square Mountain, the altitude is 1,700 meters. The scenery here is beautiful. It used to be the summer palace of the father of Gaoyang Emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty (420 - 589). Arising mountains stand around Tianlong Mountain; verdant trees grow on Tianlong Mountain. The fountain of the Longwang Grotto runs quietly. In front of the mountain, the water of the bourn flows slowly. Tianlongshan Grotto was first built in the Eastern Wei Dynasty (534—550), Gaohuan constructed grottos in Tianlong Mountain. Gaoyang, the son of Gaohuan, established Jinyang as another capital of the Northern Qi Dynasty (420 - 589). Continually, they built grottos in Tianlong Mountain. In the Sui Dynasty (580-618),Yangguang was Jin emperor, he continued to build grottos. Liyuan and his father started their great exploit in Jinyang. The construction of these grottos reached its peak.

The grottos scatters in the mountainside of the east and west peak of Tianlong Mountain. There are 24 grottos which were built respectively during the Eastern Wei Dynasty (534—550), the Northern Qi Dynasty (420 - 589), Sui Dynasty (580-618), and the Tang Dynasty (618 -907). Eight grottos in the east peak, thirteen grottos in the west peak and three grottos in the north of the mountain. The existing grottos have 1,500 statues, 1,144 embossments, alga wells and figures. The time of the excavation of these grottos differs one from another. The number of the grottos that excavated during the Tang Dynasty (618 -907) are the most, reaching 15. The grottos excavated during the Eastern Wei Dynasty (534-550) are appropriate and vivid, full of realistic life breath. The sculptures of the Tang Dynasty (618 -907) are even more precise and exquisite. The figures of the Tang Dynasty (619-906) are vivid and beautiful, the style of the knife are proficient and smooth. The Maitreya Buddha, of the ninth grotto “Manshan Pavilion” is eight meters in height, the ratio of the figure is harmonious, and the countenance of the Buddha is dignified and elegant. The figure of Kwan-yin below is eleven meters high. With glorious jade-like stones and transparent voile, her figure is plump and charming. While the figure of Puxian is smiling and mellow, it is the outstanding works of the stone carvings. Numerous pine trees and cypresses spread all over Tianlong Mountain. Especially the ancient cypress entwining the mountain, it is another wonder of Tianlong Mountain.

The proficient styles, appropriate ratio, soft lines and elaborate sculpture of the grottos in Tianlongshan Grotto provide us abundant practical materials for the researches of Buddha, arts, sculpture and architecture. They are typical works of the Chinese ancient sculpture, playing an important role in the field of sculpture and art in the world.

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take the bus that goes from Taiyuan to Qingxu, or take NO. 8 bus and take off at the Jinci Temple Station. Then, bypass Jinci Temple to Tianlong Mountain, walk straight along the road that around the mountain until you see Tianlongshan Grotto. Now you have to pay for going into the mountain.

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Recommendatory Touring Time: one day there are many ridges and peaks, numerous pine trees and cypress. Springs and creeks are running happily. The weather here is cool and pleasant. Spring and summer are the best time for traveling around Tianlongshan Grotto.

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