Areca River

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The Areca River is a place which can easily win the heart of anyone. It is impossible not to be impressed by this place because of the immeasurable beauty that it has. It is a place where the glorious mountains and the impressive body of water have composed a picturesque view.

Tourists love visiting the Areca River because this is more than just a beautiful place. There is also a village close to this body of water. It is a memorable experience to be able to immerse into the day to day living of the locals. The locals are so used to having tourists flock within the area. Hence, they also offer accommodations, local cuisines and they even allow some to join in their day to day activities like fishing.

Things to Do

The Areca River is just a few kilometers from Tengchong. People can go to this place by driving for a few minutes or they can also take the cab. This is frequented by a lot of tourists because it is just a few minutes away. However, because of the captivating sight which surrounds the Areca River, it feels like it is a location that is very far away from the main district.

The Areca River offers a unique experience for travelers because this is not like any other developed tourist destinations within China. It is a place which has preserved its quintessential beauty because the locals never dropped their tradition.

The main river is about 60 kilometers long. The head of this lake originates from the Wutai Mountain. Because of that, water flows continuously all year round. There are times when the flowing water becomes narrower. This happens during the summer months.

This river is a tourist attraction because the banks serve as a place for people to spend some time. They can set-up their picnic blankets here and have some barbecue. They can also bring the kids along and let them play around.

Some of the locals also have boats that are for hire. When tourists opt to avail the boat ride, they can sail along the river and be able to see the other sections which are also bursting with so much natural beauty.

Since the locals also rely on the river as their source of food and income, they have also created simple structures which enable them to catch fishes with ease. For example, there are bridges that are made of bamboo. This are tied together to form a bridge from one end of the river to another. Though some people may think that these are flimsy, the bridge is actually sturdy and residents near the river use it frequently.

When staying near the Areca River, it is hard to miss the rock formations. These are quite stunning because of the intricate shapes. The rocks have been shaped and carved by nature over the years. These also serve as indicators which suggest the pattern of water flow.

During special occasions, the locals also prepare presentations. As part of the celebration, people can watch them dance and sing in the streets. This is a great time for tourists too because they get to hear some of the traditional music of the ethnic groups which reside near the Areca River. The majority of people here are part of the Lisu ethnic minority group.

Solo Adventure Tips:


60km away from the west of Tengchong

How to Get There?

There is no public transportation which goes directly to Areca River. Travellers would need to take the cab from Tengchong.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

All year round, daily

More Tips:

Drop by the Areca River during the autumn months when the weather is more pleasant and the climate is cooler.

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