Tengchong Volcanic Group

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Tengchong is a town surrounded by volcanoes. In the distance you can see dozens of volcanoes, large and small, with dense trees growing around them. There are about 90 dormant volcanoes now, among them, 23 craters remain intact, mainly located in Heshuan and Mazhan. Around the craters is a combination of scabland, volcanic cinder and volcanic flow, forming a wonderful view--- the cluster of volcanoes in Tengchong. China’s largest national volcano park just situates in Tengchong, which is formed with Mount Dakongshan, Mount Xiaokongshan and Mount Heikongshan being the center. Mount Dakongshan, Mount Xiaokongshan and Mount Hekongshan stand in a line from north to south, with a distance of 1,000 meters between them.

Entering into the park, the wide and imposing road leads you to 250-meter-high Mount Dakongshan. Mind your steps and pay attention to some black or red pumice stones paved on the ground. The Mount Dakongshan is bursting with vitality that is surrounded by green grass, pine trees and variety of shrubberies. While visiting the cluster of volcanoes in Tengchong, you will feel how wonderful Nature is, and such feelings can be hardly obtained in any other place.

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