Town of Heshun

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Heshun Town is a breathtaking, eternally charming place nestled 3 kilometers in the west side of Tengchong County. Heshun, which translates to peace and harmony, still holds simplicity and tranquility that Lijang Old Town has lost due to commercialization in the last 10 years.

In here, you’ll be mesmerized with many ornamental structures, which include archways, pavilions, lotus ponds, and marble balustrades. Heshun is known not just for its simplicity and natural beauty but also for being the birthplace of well-known, successful Chinese merchants overseas.

Things to do

Despite modern technology, Heshun is a well-preserved town. Old customs and traditions that began even before Ming and Qing dynasties are maintained and are still practiced by villagers. The town boasts of willow trees, luscious green spaces, charming lotus flowers, and smooth-flowing rivers that attract nature lovers, painters, and even film directors.

Most tourists visit Heshun to explore the place, to take pictures, and to film movies. Some of the town’s attraction includes the following:

Museum-like residences

Take a stroll on the streets of Heshu and be amazed with museum-like residences that were carefully preserved for centuries. One of the highlights is the Li family mansion that can be found just behind the local library. This was the house of Yunnan's richest family in the 19th century. The family made a fortune by selling jade and jewelries. But just like most Heshu residents, most family members are now living overseas doing business.

Heshun Library

This is the biggest township-level library in the country. Built in 1928 using wood and stone, it looks more like a college campus. The library boasts a collection of 70,000 books and over 10,000 of these are considered rare finds. This library attracts and benefits scholars from different parts of the globe. The library features old magazines that tourists can look at but touching them is forbidden. In 1980, the library was listed as a provincial cultural relic and computers were included to empower local people to share their stories with the world online.

Nearby Attractions

Volcano Park

Tengchong is the home of 97 volcanoes with well-preserved cones and craters. However, there are now only six volcanoes with visible massifs that tourists can enjoy along with lava terraces. Entry costs Y20 and tourists can climb the steps leading to Dakong Shan, the largest volcano. From up there, you’ll be greeted with excellent view of Heikong Shan and other surrounding areas. Travel guides can also organize hot air balloon trip for Y100 for interested tourists.

Behai Wetland Nature Reserve

The peaceful and quiet Beihai Wetland can be found in the southwest part of Tengchong County and is 12.5 km away from the city proper. Surrounded by mountains on its four sides and with an area of 16 square kilometers, Beihai is part of the ecosystem of a volcanic lake plateau. Tourists visit the place to see rice paddies, bamboo bridges, and a peaceful river.

Rehai Hot Sea

Tourists who love hot springs will find Rehai Hot Sea exceptionally relaxing. Rehai is actually not a sea but a group of geothermal hot springs amid steams. Tourists are treated with hot steams flowing out of steep slope, thick woods, and grounds in the valley. 14 springs reach 90 degree centigrade or even higher depending on the season. Some even surpass local boiling point.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?

Take flight from Kunming to Baoshan. From there, take a coach to Tengchong and then taxi to Heshun village. Another option is to go to Kunming Western Bus Station and take express bus bound to Tengchong County. Travel time is approximately 10 hours.

Ticket Price:

Volcano Park - Y20/ Y100 for hot air balloon ride
Beihai Wetland – entry is Y40/boat ride is Y20
Rehai hot sea - 40RMB/Hour for 2 or 3 people

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

•    The best month to visit Heshun is April when the climate is most pleasant.
•    Although the temperature is generally warm in Heshun, the place can get very cold when it rains. Bringing clothes designed for cold weather is highly recommended even if you go there during summer months.

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