Town of Qiluo

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Over the years, Qiluo Town has always been known as a very traditional place. This is a location which has preserved the ancient culture and lifestyle which can be dated back to thousands of years ago.

The streets of Qiluo Town have a very rustic appeal. There are commercial establishments and stores but they all maintain a simple and endearing charm. Hence, walking along the streets allows tourists to enjoy the dainty lifestyle which the locals have maintained. It feels like being in old China.

Things to Do

For tourists who would like to stay within Qiluo Town, they can rent a room or a small house. There are several accommodations which can be seen in the township area.


Shopping around Qiluo Town is one thing that visitors should not miss out. There is a wide array of products which can be bought from the dainty stores of the merchants. Among the more popular ones are the musical instruments. Some are made of wood and come with metal attachments. These produce a very traditional sound. More importantly, these are great souvenirs too.

The stores also showcase some of the finest arts and crafts which are made by the locals. There are textile products which are decorated with heavy, hand-made embroidery. The intricate designs are applied on various items like rugs, clothing, dresses and tapestries. Aside from embroidery, the locals are also very skilled when it comes to painting. Hence, there are creations which depict the traditional lifestyle of people in China, particularly in this province. These are awesome decorations for homes.

Shopping along the streets of Qiluo Town is very enjoyable. There are numerous knick knacks which can be found like ceramic figurines, pottery, carved jade, decorative pieces which are made of paper, rattan decorations and a whole lot more. These items are great for gifts and memoirs because they show the admirable skill of people when it comes to creating wonderful pieces. Their art is actually very distinct. It is a mixture of the traditional designs and patterns which have been seen even during the earlier Chinese times. This has been blended with the newer techniques that the locals use when it comes to decorating their products.


Trying out the local cuisine is a must too. The diet of people living in Qiluo Town is primarily based on vegetables. However, there are also dishes which have seafood, fish and meat. Among the notable ingredients in their food are the Longjiang fish, pickled cabbage, daijujia, Jue vegetable sand a whole lot of others.


Just like in other parts of Tengchong, Qiluo Town is also a venue for the very entertaining performances of the locals. There are dances which uses lanterns as props, shadow puppeteers, lion dancing, theatrical drama, orchestras which use traditional Chinese musical instruments and singers who perform some of the classic Chinese songs.

The streets of Qiluo Town are also very energetic especially during the times when there are holidays to celebrate. There is the Arbor Day, Achang Wo Lo Festival, New Year celebration and a whole lot of other village festivities. Witnessing these celebrations is a wonderful experience. Aside from being able to participate in the merry-making, it is also an opportunity to observe the rich culture and tradition that the people have. Since the Qiluo Town is visited by a lot of tourists all year round, the locals already know how to make their guests feel very welcome. They offer them food and let them join in the dancing and singing.

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Tengchong, Yunnan Province

How to Get There?

Take the No. 2 public bus which goes directly to Tengchong.

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Opening Hours:

All day, all year round

More Tips:

Allocate at least a day or two when visiting Qiluo Town to be able to enjoy shopping and touring around.

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